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Happy Halloween

Posted by RenB on October 31, 2007 – 5:15 am

Am just in to work, so I haven’t time to try to outdo that amazing photoshop, or find something even more gruesome. (Nah, not possible.) And as I suspect you all have some sort of affinity to Halloween, like Roseanne, wish you all morbant fun. For about ten years now, people here started celebrating Halloween in Austria. I bought a pumpkin once and carved it because I never had a real one as a kid. Just plastic. And the old lady at the market said, ‘hey, you’re buying this for ‘Hallovvveeeeeen’ right? Cracked me up, that did. I made it nice and gruesome, and it kept the bad things away—-that year, at least. My Halloween this year was a visit from one of my bosses who hails from Persia. Not Iran. Persia. Yeah. He’s been here longer than I have. And you know what? We get along. So why can’t you guys? Tomorrow is a national holiday in Austria. Everyone goes to the cemetery. And honor the dead, in some cases, or outdo their neighbors with extraordinary flower arrangements and gossip. Otherwise, as to Halloween and All Saints, not such a fan. To tell the truth, I don’t like either, but you all go out and have much fun.

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