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Working Class Hero

Posted by SeattleDan on November 8, 2007 – 7:53 am

Our friend Adam Felber has posted this at his website on the writer’s strike going on in HollyIslamostanwood. Adam has been writing this season for Real Time with Bill Maher and if you have been watching, most of the big laughs are all lines written by Adam. Well, maybe not all, but he is a damn funny guy. Honk if you support the strike, and honk often.

Elsewhere, Comrade Dave von E. (The E stands for Esq.) checks in with his socialist views.

Elsewhere, There are Naked Authors! who bare their viewpoints!

My inner Frenchman wants to tell you that this is important. Since Reagan crushed the Air Traffic Controllers strike in the early ’80′s, the Labor movement has struggled. Partly because the movment didn’t recognize workers who didn’t work with their hands, partly due to corruption, but now, as we move toward a service economy, the inabilty of many working class people to recognize that they are, in fact, working class. They don’t own it. But they make it. Tip of the hat to my ol’ friend, Karl.

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  1. 1. Terrible Said:

    Honk, honk!!

  2. 2. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:


    What’s a sociosmurf?

  3. 3. SeattleTammy Said:

    Somebody finally clicked on the Fucking Smurfs™®©!
    At Last!

    That was my contribution! I said go with the Fucking Smurfs™®©!!!

  4. 4. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Okay, now I’m even more confused.

    I scrolled over the “Karl” link and saw “sociosmurf” in the URL.

    Open please explanation could you?

  5. 5. SeattleDan Said:

    Pretty sure the link works. It’s a Marxist interpretation of the Smurfs, with Papa Smurf a representation of Karl Marx. Utopian society and all that.

    I owe you an email. I can’t reply cuz MSN allows me to send only so many emails a day, and shot my wad on the newsletter…and more to send tomorrow. I’ll be in touch.

  6. 6. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Don’t sweat it, I know how the HO-mail operates with the mass-mails. I get it all the time. When you get a minute, whenever.

    And I know that the link works, but with my suck-ass ISP, soon to be changed (they want twenty-three bucks a month for THIS shit?!?!?!), it’s easier to just ask what it’s about than to wait 20 minutes for the fucking page to load. Everybody builds their websites like the whole fucking world has ethernet, and that is SO not the case.

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