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Happy Belated B-Day, Jobsanger!

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on October 1, 2006 – 5:51 am

Well, thanks to a three-hour conversation with Psycho-Sister (don’t even ask, but I swear, if she starts spouting her “philosophies” about “racial purity” one more fucking time, I’m sending the sharp young men in the bright white coats with the butterfly nets… y’all know the song… But then, in Montana, she’s not that unusual, unfortunately.) I’m a little late posting tonight, so I missed the deadline for Jobsanger’s birthday, but hey, better late than pregnant!

(None of the above pictures feature the ACTUAL Jobsanger, which you’ll know when you click the link, but I hope that his birthday was at LEAST that good!)

In other news… well, if anybody reads my last comment in the thread below, I’m really not in the mood for much right now. I’m in hell physically, been having fibromyalgia attacks and spine hell all damned day, and when the body don’t function, the brain ain’t worth shit.

There are about a billion topics that I want to talk about, from the clusterfuck of this past week to voting irregularities at my local polling station today to the rancid corpse of what used to be public education in this country. Well, what’s left of this country.

And as soon as I can get the body issues handled, I’ll get my brain back. In the meantime, here’s a really good cartoon from Mother Goose And Grim:

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  1. 1. kingweasil Said:

    …hope you fell better anti…better’n the guy in the pics…

  2. 2. AbbieX Said:

    I live in Montana and the only good news is that we only have 1 fucktard representative in the house (not enough to really make a fucking difference compared to NY or California, or Florida, or Texas. Sadly, he is supported by all of the other fucktards so he’ll probably be there a long time. Good news, the fucktard Conrad Burns, Senator-R, is pretty close to being voted out….keep your fingers crossed.

  3. 3. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Thanks, Weasil. And Abbie, I gotta ask… how do you live with those people?

    People have asked me that all of my life, seeing as how I only got out of LA once, and then got dragged back here, but I’m tellin’ ya, between my Psycho-Sister and the crackers up there that she feels “kinship” with — Ted Turner himself couldn’t get my fat ass into Montana.

  4. 4. jobsanger Said:

    Thanks for the birthday greeting Annti! And I did have a great birthday weekend. I got birthday wishes from the great Anntichrist S. Coulter, I got to meet and chat with Kinky Friedman, and my beloved Dallas Cowboys won. I feel like I hit the trifecta.

    As for the pictures, what can I say? I appreciate you saying they weren’t of the real me. But thinking back to the alcohol and drug-induced fog of my younger years, who knows?

  5. 5. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Heh heh I don’t think that any of ’em are you, hon, don’t worry… I think that they’re a little more recent… heh heh heh…

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