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Stealthbadger strikes again…

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on December 15, 2007 – 7:25 am

Why HE didn’t post it here, a’la RenB’s outrage at Pope Panzerfaust/Chupacabra/NAZI YOUTH, I have no idea, but he sent it to me, with the subject line: “*grumblegrumblegrumblebitchgrowlsnarlgrumblegrumble*” and I thought that y’all should read it for yourselves, as StealthBadger should’ve posted it here himself (maybe if I say it often enough, he’ll get the hint). As a lovely preview, this is how I responded to his e-mailing the link to me:

“But darlin’ heart, they already started EVICTING people from those piece-of-shit slapped-together death-traps/sardine cans, so that they can blame anybody’s health issues on THEM, and no longer on the trailers of doom.

The last ones at Renaissance Village will be evicted in June, so they *might* get around to testing THOSE (or the EMPTY ones) before then. If we hold our breath.

There’s no such thing as “too cynical” when it comes to the manmade “disaster” and ensuing (and ongoing) genocide of Katrina.”

Go forth and be righteously enraged.



I have always sworn that I would never be stupid enough to chase after a married man… again. And after my experiences in 2003, I finally really mean it.

BUT — I may have found a justifiable exception. Along with Damon Wayans (another married man who might tempt me to come out of my spinsterhood/retirement), Keith Olbermann is a beautiful, talented, sexy-voiced, BRILLIANTLY CYNICAL man who not only makes me ponder my morality but also makes me REALLY FUCKING MISS HAVING CABLE!!!!!! Yeah, I know, on odd weeks, you might get lucky enough to see “The Countdown” on your local broadcast NBC affiliate (’cause GE needs yo’ money!), but the republicunts who own the media group that includes the Baton Redneck NBC affiliate is not always so accommodating to us rare librul x-mas-hating heathens.

Tonight, though, I got extra-super-duper lucky, and not only did the similar rednecked folks at the Baton Rougeneck PBS allow me to witness Bill Moyer’s Journal, but the one with the FULL-LENGTH INVERVIEW WITH KEITH OLBERMANN!!!!!! It’s agonizing, knowing more fully what I’ve been missing, that I could tap into his righteous indignation, his razor-edged true WIT, his snark-among-which-there-are-so-few, if only I had cable and/or satellite. One is impossible because of the enormous debt that Dullard McDumbass ran up with the hillbilly/lazy-motherfuckers MONOPOLY of cable services here in West Redneckistan, the other is impossible because, even though the blacks-only-admitted subsidized housing ‘cross town HAVE A FUCKING SATELLITE DISH FOR EVERY SINGLE FUCKING APARTMENT, *THIS* subsidized-housing SLUM, the legendary L’Hotel Du Fucktards, does not allow. No talking about it, no point in asking, no forum for discussion, no tenants’ board, no nothin’.


Those of you out there who are lucky enough to see REAL, LIVE *JOURNALISM* being practiced, on a daily fucking basis (a species more rare than the dodo or the “compassionate conservative”), WALLOW IN IT. Allow your brains to be filled to the brim with braingasmic magnificence. Stand up and raise your fist in solidarity with Keith Olbermann’s righteous rage, well-studied writing and gifted analysis. Yell “DAYUM STRAIGHT!!!” at your television for me as he does his countdowns.

Don’t mind me, I’ll just be alone now with my brain and a carton of low-rent cigarettes.

Also, back at the ranch…
I’ve invited (and RE-INVITED) a few really good people to join us here, us who post often and those of us who play the fainting dahlia and wait for a boot to the ass to post; these are people whom you will come to know and love as I have, and for most of the same reasons. Be not afraid of all change, despite my long-ago pre-emptive eulogy decrying the sins of change. Some changes bring unto our ranks not so much those who “complete” us as much as COMPLEMENT us. Reach out and hug ’em good like dinner on the grounds at a baptist church, back when baptists was good folks and not a bunch of frail, shaking little bigots with big mouths and tiny hearts. I will allow them to introduce themselves, as we never know who will accept the invitation/mission to post/become a part of the M.O.B. borg mob, and they are more than fully capable of introducing themselves with far more flair and truth than I could ever dream of matching.

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  1. 1. RenB Said:

    Annti, you HAVE to get a DSL connection. Keith O is one hell of a reporter and commentator. No, they do not broadcast here. But since I got one, I can download the best stuff he does from Crooks and Liars. He is wicked good, as we used to say in the Sixties. Although I wish his make-up people would trim the eyebrows a bit, you know? (Gawd, my gay gene just went to the fore…. Forget I said that….)

    So often I wanted to send you a clip, but it would have killed your modem.

    A couple of days ago, they posted a video from Countdown about Larry Craig, and George Clooney was telling Julia Roberts how sorry he was that he couldn’t make it to a gala honouring her, and gets distracted by a tapping foot in the next WC stall? (It was filmed in a WC, and he was supposedly hiding from his fans?) And he goes out, rips open the door to the next stall. And Brad Pitt is making defensive movements, and says, ‘I just have a wide stance!’ That slayed me. And it is a keeper, but too large to send.

    So yes, darlin’, Keith Olberman is wicked good.

  2. 2. StealthBadger Said:

    StealthBadger should’ve posted it here himself (maybe if I say it often enough, he’ll get the hint).

    Um… It was early? I was sleepy and wanted to bite someone? I was getting ready for work and was in “get to the keyboard, vent about this bullshit so you don’t explode in the middle of work mode?


    I know, no excuse. I’m sorry.


    And yeah, that makes perfect sense. I’ve never lost money betting on the mendacity (as opposed to the humanity – stop laughing) of the Bush administration – no reason I would start being wrong now.

  3. 3. T&A Said:

    KO is the man!

  4. 4. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    See why I said, “BRAINGASM!!!”???

    Nothing more attractive, even to a burnt-out old spinster like me, than a man with a brain who ain’t afraid to use it!

  5. 5. Charlotte Said:

    “Reach out and hug ’em good like dinner on the grounds at a baptist church, back when baptists was good folks…”

    That seems like a lifetime ago….and I guess it was.

    Good post!

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