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Oh my…

Posted by RenB on December 24, 2007 – 7:40 pm

Like the General, I like gladiators all right… this is hysterical. Just what I needed on this dismal day. Cheers, all

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  1. 1. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Okay, so where were the gladiators?!??!

    I get over there, and there’s NOTHING about gladiators!

    ‘Course, I haven’t been to JG all week, so I’m probably, as usual, completely out of the loop.

  2. 2. RenB Said:

    It’s a YouTube with Steve Reeve clips from the Hercules films, and the text is about Hercubush, who invades another country to get more oil so he and his crew can grease themselves up, and so on. It was outrageous, but too long for a dial-up connection, I’m afraid….

    Apropos Steve Reeves. When I was nine I wanted to look like him when I grew, up, yup. Not the body, the face and the beard. So don’t tell ME that stuff isn’t hard-wired into you at birth, hey….

  3. 3. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    I still wanna know where the gladiators come in… Yeah, yeah, suicidal superman in a fur suit, but that doesn’t really qualify as oiled-up gladiators.

    Nobody likes a tease, Ren.

  4. 4. Le Petite Fromage Said:

    Darlin’ RenB, you’ve somehow ended up with a Jim Hightower clip. And I love Jim Hightower, but he’s not Steve Reeves as a gladiator.

    and, BTW, children, it is SO NOT OK to throw firecrackers at people, under wheelchairs, at animals, etc. Ferchrissakes, if you want to harm someone, just hold the thing in your hand ’til it goes off. Effin kids. Bah Humbug from me, too.

  5. 5. Terrible Said:

    Click the link that says “Oh My” and I get gladiators.

  6. 6. Le Petite Fromage Said:

    Thank you Terrible. I clicked on “dismal,” (obviously).

  7. 7. Le Petite Fromage Said:


    Thank you RenB, and Terrible, I got it right this time.

  8. 8. RenB Said:

    Oh my. Am going to learn to be precise next time about telling you which link to click. And I didn’t know who Jim Hightower is. I liked the message, and he lets you embed it.

    It is so damned COLD here right now. I want to call Al Gore and get him to TURN IT OFF

    Naw, I didn’t think he could…

    Off under the blankets. And NEVER try ostrich meat, unless you like liver. Eeeewwww.

  9. 9. Miss Poppy Dixon Said:

    That was hysterical. Great sound effects.


  10. 10. RenB Said:

    Miss Poppy,

    I am absolutly speechless.

    So glad it gave you some glee.

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