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End of another melodrama

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on October 3, 2006 – 12:05 am

Welp, all turned out as I predicted, except without the hit-and-run and/or flesh-eating virus effects as seen below.

Y’all would’ve been amazed at my restraint. Honestly. Didn’t even raise my voice. Didn’t have to. Had the evidence required to prove them wrong, and despite the fact that I was in physical and mental HELL, I didn’t even have to cuss ‘em out.

Which is rather a buzzkill for me, because it means that I kinda had to play that bullshit game of “Oh, grownups don’t ‘cuss,’ ’cause it’s not ‘polite’” shit that has driven me nuts my entire fucking life. It’s fucking hypocrisy. They cuss like sailors at home, but oh, out in public, in front of OTHER PEOPLE, no, we’re all SUNDAY-SCHOOL TEACHERS. Right. Fuck that shit.

Anyway, I got the shit done. Kind of a let-down in retrospect, but after four days of electrocutions, spasms, twitches, oh, and that sledgehammer up the ass — it was a pretty big thrill for me. Y’all have no idea how rare it is that I’ve been vindicated in this lifetime, ’cause even when I’m right, the cocksuckers are still out to get me. Smug, christian, throw-back redneck cousinfucking MORONS, but they still think that they can get away with it.

But today, I am a woman. L’chaim.

Oh, and as to the bank thing — to the new girl who thinks that I don’t know how my own checks work, YES, I knew that it was due on Friday, EVERYBODY got their checks on Friday. Sorry if this costs me one of my three readers, but I’M CRIPPLE AND CRAZY, I’M NOT ILLITERATE. When the 1st falls on a Saturday or Sunday, that first check is ALWAYS paid on the preceding Friday, and it wasn’t the SSA that fucked up, just as I’d suspected. ‘Cause, see, this ain’t my first time at the fuckin’ rodeo.

The banker who’d set up my pay-off plan for the overdraft didn’t fix everything in the bank computer like he’d said that he would, to keep the computer from seizing my entire SSDI/SSI payments because I’d agreed to a payment plan. Instead, HE LEFT TOWN FOR TWO FUCKING WEEKS. So, once again, falling back on my patience reserves (don’t know where in the fuck I got ‘em, but I’m still aiming for The Buddha when I get recycled) and the waves of relief that were washing over me after I hit the drugstore, I talked to a very nice lady at the bank who put everything that he’d PROMISED to do into actual motion, and got my money back for me.

But it still pisses me the fuck off that I have to “play nice” and all of that phony-ass, BDSM Southern-hierarchical pseudo-caste-system HORSESHIT that I’ve loathed all of my miserable fucking pointless life, JUST TO GET THESE NIMROD MONGOLOID FUCKTARD MOTHERFUCKERS TO DO THEIR FUCKING ***JOBS*** PROPERLY!!!!!!!!! And they call us (SSDI/SSI) “LAZY”!!!!!!!! Fucking balls. Actually, they don’t say it to our faces, they just shut down the ATMs on the 1st and 3rd of every month, so that we can’t all have our money when we need it. That’s the reward of having direct-deposit — bending over and letting the bank fuck you up the ass.

This is reason #4,887, 221, 666 of why I miss living in the city. If anybody knows that you’re “on the dole” as they say in Great Britain, they view it as the perfect opportunity to demonstrate to you that they long for the days of slavery, when those who were 2/3 of an “actual human” were kept in their PLACE, instead of being out to mingle amongst good, honest, hard-workin’ christian people.

That’s how the bank gets away with fucking me/us over, that’s how the drugstore gets away with treating its longstanding customers like MED-SEEKING FUCKING JUNKIES, even when THEY are the ones who fucked you out of your meds — if you’re on “welfare,” as they view it, WHO FUCKING *CARES* IF YOU DON’T HAVE ANY MONEY OR FOOD OR MEDICINE — IT’S NOT LIKE YOU’RE A *REAL* PERSON, ANYWAY!!!

So. I saved my rage for the blog and got shit done. But don’t tell the SSA, or they’ll think that I’m “cured,” like they did to a friend of mine, when she moved down here from Massachussetts, suddenly, once she hit the Louisiana state line, she was magically “over” her physically-crippling disabilities. But that’s another rant. Let the drugs get levelled-off in my system again, it’ll make more sense then.

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  1. 1. kelly0411 Said:

    Oh for crying out loud! I work at a financial institution and I know or a fact that what I posted is correct. The money may be seen, but not available for withdrawl until the first business day of the month. And I see according to your expanded explanation in this post that what you had was a type of courtesy pay that paid your checks instead of bouncing them. This of course comes with a hefty fee. Anyway, I have always enjoyed your comments on BlondeSense and began to read them over here. However, not everyone who comments is out to get you and I sure as hell never stated that you were illiterate, and I sure as hell did not make the comment to be rude or fuck with your very existence.

  2. 2. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Kelly, I’m sorry that I snapped at you like that.

    I have a billion reasons to explain it, but that’s all superfluous.

    But I know what I know about what to expect from the SSA, and even though I’ve only been on SSDI/SSI for about a year and a half, I do know how my money comes in, especially with Direct Deposit.

    And no, they’re not hitting me with the mega fees. The guy who set me up with the repayment plan for my overdraft fuckup left town without actually making anything that he’d promised to do HAPPEN, but I got that fixed, too.

    And I didn’t even have to cuss anybody, which is kind of a buzzkill.

    But I am sorry that I slapped you in the face like that, when you’d never even commented her before.

    And I do apologize.

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