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Ok…. Oscar night. ooooh.

Posted by RenB on February 24, 2008 – 4:44 pm

Yes, I kinda-sorta get into it, stoopid as that is. I think Terrible and LPF will sort of understand. Am NOT one of those people who get star-struck. I have met and known local and over-regional ‘stars’ here through my work, and if there is one thing I know, if they are artists, they don’t really care to have you fuss over them, and can be wonderful if you just treat them the way you treat everyone else. It is the one-hit wonders who can make your LIFE miserable.

Although the latter make for some hilarious stories after the fact.

So I got my guesses and hopes up for this year’s narcissist-Fest at my place. And I think we need silly stuff, after the Sturm und Drang of the last few weeks…. (Storm and Stress, it was a literary movement.)

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  1. 1. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Well, dear, my rabbit-ears won’t pick-up the local ABC affiliate (well, local in Baton Rouge, anyway), so I’m going to miss out on the entire social-caste-system/political-blackmail circle-jerk. I think that I’ll survive, somehow.

    You go forth and enjoy, honey, ain’t nothin’ wrong with a little voyeurism… heh heh heh…

  2. 2. RenB Said:

    Thanks, darlin’ I needed the distraction. You didn’t miss much. I was so—-SO hoping that Jon Stewart would ‘scare the horses’. Nada. They put valium in his mineral water.

    The Austrian guy got best foreign film. YAY! The guy it was about? Was on the red carpet on the pre-show, and that is one hell of an angry person. Good for him. I don’t even want to THINK about Buchenwald. But he was cool. I liked> the anger. And he ‘has’ to be around ninety….

    And had misunderstood that ‘Taxi to the Dark Side’ wasn’t in the same category, so Huzzah! It won also. Nowadays am not so on top of things, but you know that.

    This is a good thing. It is always somewhat political, you know? Interesting. It is ‘fun’ to watch pretty dressed-up people, and everything, but no one made a complete ASS of themselves. How very disappointing. And they left Roy Scheider out of the ‘In Memoriam’ clip. And I missed the news that Betty Hutton and Jane Wyman died. I had assumed they had left the planet long ago. Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish.

    Am still speechless, absolutely SPEECHLESS that Marion Cotillard won. The rest is at my place.

    Tja… And now I get to make Terrible’s Revolver Soup. Me and my big mouth….

  3. 3. Terrible Said:

    That’s cool that Taxi won. I’m looking forward to seeing. Well maybe looking forward to it isn’t exactly right. It’s of course a film I wish never had to be made.

  4. 4. RenB Said:

    Yes Terrible, I wish that too, but the director made the only good acceptance speech of the night. Just the right tone, but not enough to really offend.

  5. 5. Miss Poppy Dixon Said:

    You all missed Christian Gary Busey attacking Brian Seacrest, Laura Linney and Jennifer Garner. Scared the beejeesus out of them. Catch it on youtube. Search “oscar busey”

    I wonder if I can get a set of plates, like the ones Busey’s got in his head.

  6. 6. RenB Said:

    Oh! Miss Poppy…. ummm…
    Küss die Hand. No no, it doesn’t mean I will slobber all over your delicate hand. It means you bow, and give an ‘angedeutete’ kiss on the hand of a lady.

    Just above the skin. As Mark Twain said, ‘you have to travel to learn’.

    You caught me out. I didn’t SEE all of it. It began at 2:30 am here, and I think I dozed here and there unless there was something interesting. At my age, am just not an up-all-night cabana boy any more… and regret I never WAS.

    But what can you do, hey…

    I had a hard day ahead of me, personally.

    So I will bow gallantly, as if we were at the Opera Ball in Vienna, and go look. Thank you.

  7. 7. RenB Said:

    Ok. Got it. The red-carpet thing, beforehand. We didn’t get that here. INSTEAD… we got our own brand of bloviating, LOWER INTESTINAL ACROBAT little WORMS from German tee-vee on the red carpet, trying to ingratiate themselves. Well how super.

    It was wonderful. Not.

    And Laura Linney is probably the most underestimated actress I have ever seen. But don’t ask me… She was the figure in the Tales of the City vids.

    Rent them.

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