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Race in America

Posted by Realist on March 19, 2008 – 6:44 am

Today, Barack gave the most amazing speech. Eloquent, Lincolnesque, JFK and MLK ring here. This is a speech for the ages and you need to listen to it entirely. And then send it off to everyone you know! Peace Love and Understanding, my friends!

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  1. 1. RenB Said:

    Thanks, Tammy. Heard it last night, and it was amazing and eloquent. A diarist at Kos did some googling, and it seems that Obama is the first candidate since Nixon to have written a speech like that himself. (With Nixon it was ‘The Great Society’ speech.)

    Which makes it all the more impressive, I think…

  2. 2. Saborlas Said:

    Say what you will about the man, he can deliver a speech with skill and style. An improvement over our current maladministration, methinx.

    Now if he actually mentioned policy in these speeches, Clinton would be forced to see that she stands no chance. And McCain will shit himself. Mostly because he lost bowel control two years ago. The man has reached life expectancy. Do the Repubs seriously think this man will SURVIVE two terms? Or is Dick Cheney gonna be his VP for the sole purpose of inheriting an office he’d never get elected to.

    And, for some reason, Ron Paul is still in the race. Not exactly spending much of the money he raised. I’m starting to think he just wanted a quick couple of million from ex-Naderites. Let’s face it, “fiscal responsibility” was the only policy he put forth that wasn’t a proven bad idea.

    I only fear that Mitt the Shitt will return. Remember, he merely put his campaign on hold. At no point did he say that he was actually GIVING UP.

  3. 3. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Same thing for Edwards, but I ain’t holding my breath on either one.

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