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When is an apology not an apology?

Posted by RenB on April 21, 2008 – 6:21 am

When the person apologising adds a qualifier which turns it into a vicious attack on the person or persons being apologised to. Link in the title.

What with all the focus being mainly on Hillary and Barack, it took over 72 hours to find the same sort of reaction I had. (see the April 19th entry—and that was 24 hours after trying to digest that news…) True, we got more news coverage of Ratzi’s visit from the German news stations, since he comes from Bavaria, but the qualifier was in a ticker-tape thing beneath the main screen, and no one raised an outcry. Oh no, the Germans are thrilled, I tell you, THRILLED that the MSM in the US have nicknamed him ‘The Pope of Hope’. (Someone must have been into the hash brownies to come up with THAT, just sayin’. Hopelessness would be more on target, I would think…)

Those poor Germans…. still looking for love and respect after all this time, and in all the wrong places.


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  1. 1. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Why do they give Pope Chupacabra such a gigantic free pass? Are they THAT fucking catholic?

  2. 2. Saborlas Said:


    Ain’t it funny that he says that democracy is awesome when HE WAS NOT DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED?!

    I remember an old computer game where you had to become king of France by conquest. Normally, you gave the Vatican some land and they wouldn’t fight you. Bribe them enough and they’d coronate you.

    I usually just picked fights with them. When you drive the Pope out of France COMPLETELY, fucker has no CHOICE but to acknowledge you.

    Yeah, any game where you can attack churches fills me with glee. Very cathartic. Someone needs to make a modern game where you use modern weaponry to attack pretty much any target you want. Pick your enemy, go after them. I wanna use a rocket launcher and send priests flying.

    Although they’d probably send Father Anderson from Iscariot Order after my ass. Or some other Vatican-approved genetic freak of a paladin. I’d have to summon Dracula just to keep him busy. A modern Dracula. With guns. And neat shades.

  3. 3. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:


    Isn’t Pope Chupacabra as close as we wanna get to a fucking REAL-LIFE VAMPIRE?!?!?!

    I sure as hell don’t want to get that close to the bastard, he’d give me Nazi cooties. Rocket-launcher and BFG, please. Infra-red scope would be nice, too.

    And The Corporate Christian (ha!) Cabal will say whatever you want it to say, as long as you keep them tax-exempt and happily thriving on the suffering of others. Notice how Dumbya & Thorazine Queen were kissing his ass before he was all the way off of the plane. They’re such good obedient little bobble-heads. I’m sure that Massah Dick was most pleased with their work.

    Cults are all fucking vampires, when you think about it. Soul-sucking parasites that leave you a dry, empty husk, ready to be preyed-upon by the NEXT fucking vampire.

  4. 4. RenB Said:

    A-MEN! Annti.

    Saborlas, if only it were so simple as playing a game and whupping the Pope.

    It would be satisfactory on a very personal level, but it wouldn’t change anything.

    I had some very odd things happen to me when I was young, involving priests. But I got out of the situations unscathed…

    People can prey on you like vampires… if you let them. And that is the perfidiousnes involved here. Some kids don’t even get a CHANCE. Have seen it again and again….

  5. 5. Saborlas Said:

    He looks more like Emperor Palpatine to me. Except his powers aren’t real. Palpatine has been shown busting out the lighting on two separate occasions (a dude whose lightsaber said BAD MOTHER FUCKER and some half-trained boy who happened to be the son of his right hand man).

    And Benedickless would be more of a last boss unless the game was more of a freeform sandbox than Grand Theft Auto.

    This is why I’m glad to be part of the werewolf community. We’re a lot more friendly than vampires, and we know where you can get a KILLER steak dinner. Just don’t try to take our beer.

  6. 6. RenB Said:

    I just realised that somewhere along the line…. I got OLD.

    That is pretty dismaying for me. But I had a bad day, so am more than thin-skinned…

    I could not relate to what you wrote, because I do not play any games on my pc…. except when I am up late nights, and play cribbage till I can fall asleep again.

    I DID get through Baldur’s Gate some years ago. But that is all.

  7. 7. Saborlas Said:

    Jeez, get an old copy of Starcraft or something. We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing!

    Buy a Wii and play some casual games, at least. Ya don’t necessarily have to log onto Xbox Live to help me kick ass at Team Fortress 2, but have some fun with technology more often!

    Because, let’s face it, a good video game is worth far more than the pope.

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