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I love NPR

Posted by Realist on April 21, 2008 – 6:58 am

Really, I do!

But when the most pressing issue is that Dubai is getting a strap-on?

My pledge dollars can go elsewhere.

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  1. 1. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:


    That is definitely the shiniest dildo I’ve ever seen, and possibly the largest, but then, I did work in a porno store.

    What I failed to find on the NPR link was any evidence of ecological-impact studies, as in, WHAT IS THIS GOING TO DO THE ACTUAL FUCKING OCEANS?!?!?!

    Like they’re giving a free pass to the greedy motherfuckers by off-handedly mentioning that they’re “trying” to “help” people with their floating technology. Maybe the Netherlands didn’t want their shit ‘CAUSE IT WON’T BE HEALTHY FOR THE ENVIRONMENT.

    Just wish that the article had looked into that angle.

    Good find, Tammy. Creepy as hell, but damned good.

  2. 2. SeattleTammy Said:

    Yeah, that’s what struck me too, what an insipid article. I expect better of NPR. But then, I’ve seen teh New York Times print huge multi page ads promoting Dubai.

    Think Michael Jackson will be taking the kids there?

  3. 3. Charlotte aka TM Said:


  4. 4. RenB Said:

    Um… Tammy?

    Do you think they have little models so I can add it to my non-existant Jeff Stryker collection?

    Just askin’…

    Ok, going back to bed now. And hey I didn’t know that you get snow in April when winter ends in February there…

    The pits.

  5. 5. SeattleTammy Said:

    Renb, you can get one as a pledge contribution, just call in and say you’ll give matching funds to anyone who gives a shit.

  6. 6. RenB Said:

    I was afraid of that.

    It is bad enough wondering where your next meal is coming from without the frivolousness…

    Nothing is for nothing….

  7. 7. Mentis Fugit Said:

    Woman goes into a sex shop and browses round for a bit. Finally goes up to the attendant.

    “I’d like that huge tartan dildo behind the counter, thanks.”

    “Sorry, ma’am, that’s my thermos flask.”

  8. 8. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:


    I bet that Michael Jackson has had one made whilst a guest of teh royals there… After all, those woman-hating hard-line religious fanatics can’t TOUCH the wealthy “sinners,” they can only beat and stone and hang POOR motherfuckers, and it’s never the GUYS, now is it. Why WOULDN’T Dick Cheney love it there???

    He marries a closet-case, his daughter comes out of the closet but stays in-line with Daddy’s gay-hating and woman-hating “beliefs,” geeee, why would he have a third home in a country like THAT???

    Also where he keeps the majority of his untaxed profits from Halliburton, Shell Oil, etc. Go fucking figure. I’d looooove to see the deeds on these little floating-pecker-island “resorts,” and see if his name is on ’em or if they’re all held by shell “companies” that have the same rights as human beings…

    And Mentis? Remind me to tell you about the double-ended dildo they used to keep behind the counter at Airline Adult Books…

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