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Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

Posted by Realist on June 20, 2008 – 11:18 pm

Maybe the next time some smooth-talking douchebag with a good line of bullshit comes along, we won’t be quite so quick to roll over for him, eh?

I swear to Jebus, this is like watching a kid who’s just dropped his ice cream cone. You didn’t really believe this asshole became a United States Senator without being willing to sell out the little guy, did you?

It must be particularly tough on those who were so obnoxious about Hillary Clinton – who at one point at least attempted to get you health care – during the campaign, while insisting St. Barack was The Great Progressive Hope. How’s that crow tasting?

I think the part that gets me about this is I can’t even vote Libertarian in protest this time (as I’ve done before when the Dems pissed me off) because they’re running that fuckwad Bob Barr this year! Goddamn Republicans have fucked up EVERYTHING, and damned if the motherfucking Democrats haven’t been right there helping them the whole time.

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  1. 1. IntelligentDecline Said:

    It could be worse, you know. I’ve been aligned with libertarianism since Reagan’s first term, and now that Barr has been chosen as The LP’s Candidate, I don’t have a place where I can in good conscience waste my vote either.

    Over the last few election cycles, The LP has been pretty much taken over by right-sided equivocators, who have seriously diluted the Party positons about social liberty, even as they elevated economic liberty up to the highest pedestal.

    They rationalise it as mitigating the wild-side of libertarianism, as a method for achieving electoral success, but what it amounts to is betrayal of core libertarianism ideals with the surrendering of the sort of liberty I often refer to as the “choose your poison” varieties. Hell, if I wanted to sell-out my beliefs for a pot of beans, I’d be a cheap slattern turning tricks within the two-party obscenity.

    Ron Paul’s faux identification as being libertarian, almost reached to the level of being personally defamatory, but at least the Paultarded are fun to argue with because of their preponderate vacuity coupled with adamant resoluteness, which enables to to remain steadfast and undaunted, holding tight to their beliefs, even when facing head-on into the howling windstorm of irrefutable facts.

    Barr’s base is instead made up of former republican new rightys, who flayed conservatism’s hide off its back for use as a mantle of disguise, as an enabler of power; by distorting their side of the political bipolarity to the point that the GOP’s defiled do not even realise that “conservative activist” is an oxymoron.

    The New-Right came to power, and proceeded to Take a Contract Out On America, as they shredded what scant bit of honour was left within the Republican Party by exiling the old-school conservatives, who actually believe that religious freedom means you get to worship the Jolly Green Giant if you so desire, as long as your never attempt to coerce others.

    Then after 6+ years into the Son of Bush Tyranny, after the Republican Party gets pulverized in 2006, these new-rightys flee shrieking from the manifest evil that they aided and abetted into its present-day beingness as the Party of The Potty Peepers, claiming it not their fault, and pointing fingers of accusatory renunciation at those who they left in the party behind.

    That is how it became easier to differentiate the New-right from real conservatives, because the new-right have and will never shouldered responsibility for the evil their past actions have fomented. Accepting personal responsibility is NOT a tenet of their political world-view, it’s embraced in a make-others-believe as a Machiavellian tactic which provides them a soapbox on which they can stand, hurling reprehensible derogations and hairs up their asses charges of moral deprivation at society’s single moms.

    Then when public attention has been misdirected, they sneak away when no one is looking to a public restroom, where they solicit a $20 act of fellatio from a stranger.

  2. 2. Le Petite Fromage Said:

    Hi Realist, glad to see that you’re alive and well.

  3. 3. Realist Said:

    Still hanging in there, LPF. Doing the only thing I can these days – a threefold course of action that involves keeping my powder dry, my head down, and my ass covered. I heartily recommend the same to others who live in these interesting times.

    ID, I’ve been registered as a Libertarian for a couple of decades now, mostly because I couldn’t stand to have my name associated with either of the two major parties. There’s always been a free-market contingent, but I figured it was the price you paid for getting the government to leave YOU alone – they had to leave the other guy alone, too.

    But lately, the Republicans have downright overwhelmed the entire organization. It’s kind of funny that some of the most authoritarian bastards around now want to call themselves Libertarians. Guilty consciences, maybe?

    Of course, it’s not like it really matters who I vote for this time or any other time. I live in Kansas, which has gone for the Democrat once (JBJ in ’64) since 1940. My vote will make absolutely zero difference in who becomes the new President, so I can stay home with a clean conscience if I want to.

    Which I’m tempted to do this time. Other than the Presidency, there’s nothing on the ballot I really care about. I won’t vote for that asshole Dennis Moore again after the Move-On deal, and I can’t vote against Phill Kline because I’m in the wrong county. The dubious pleasure of voting “NO” on all the “Shall Judge Pharquard be retained in office?” questions may not be enough to lure me to the polls this year.

  4. 4. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    You know that you’re gonna go vote, if only to piss somebody off. We contrarians have to get our entertainment, even as Rome’s burning and they’ve co-opted all of the fire hydrants as “interrogation aids.”

    It’s so spooky that they re-ran Tina Fey’s “bitch is the new black” monologue on SNL (Lorne Michaels should have his green card revoked) tonight. I bet that a helluva lot of kool-aid drinkers are wishing that they hadn’t kicked Hillary quite so fucking hard.

    I was never in love with Hillary, but at least we knew where we stood with her. As Tina said, “BITCHES GET (SHIT) DONE.

    Just wish that Hillary had gotten shit done before Bubba handed the Newty fucks everything on a cum-stained platter and helped them reverse 100+ years of feminist progress.

  5. 5. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    BTW, Realist, GREAT fucking post.

    Beyond schadenfreude.

  6. 6. IntelligentDecline Said:

    realist: I have of late engaged in guerrilla hit-n-run commentary on blogs, and it has become an infrequent event for me to return to the crime scene. This blog strikes me as being atypical, and maybe worthy of an additional entry into my already overburdened RSS reader.

    I am a ravening walkabout in the Dreamtime America attempting to defend this Nation’s archetypograffitical soul, compelled by an oath freely made a long time ago at uptake into the system to become a conscript Army chopper doc. The compulsion’s force was unexpected, and surprise was attendant with learning the oath still bound, yet I will to honour and can only resist, against ALL enemies foreign and domestic. To do else would be a betrayal of self.

    For a very long time I preached and pontificated that a vote for the lesser of two evils is self-evidently, an affirmation of evil. The multitude of times in the past 7 1/2 years that I’ve had to forcibly choke back the bile that had risen into the throat, concomitant with feelings of nostalgia for an idyllic America past, when our President’s lies were only about consensual blow-jobs, cum-stained dresses, and exotically aromatic tobacco products, has caused a slight paradigm shift. Clearly, in this present place and time within our modern world, The Democrats are The Lamer Of Two Evils, and a vote for the lamer of evils can be morally justified.

    What these bastards have done in the people’s name, as the people’s elected representatives, directly threatens our birthright of liberty. They cannot be allowed to just walk-away from their debauchery when they controlled all three branches. Americans need to remember the profound obscenity that was “The GOP Gone Wild In DC”.

    May their descendants have great fortune,
    possessing knowledge of their death memorials’ locations,
    so they can urinate upon their headstones,
    and curse them for their chains.

    will peace, but keep your cartridges dry…

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