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Posted by Realist on June 22, 2008 – 3:03 am

From Correntewire – excerpt:

For months, the Obama cultists have been running around, waving a shit sandwich in everyone’s faces and crying out, “Look at my Change burger! Obama himself gave it to me!” And the rest of us went, “Uh, dude, that’s a shit sandwich. Put it down before it gets all over your clothes.”

Go read the whole thing. I thought that I was going to piss myself laughing.

RUDE ANNTI INTERRUPTION HERE: I’m kidnapping Texas Jaye’s “Tol’ Ya So! Dance” take on this shit, ’cause it’s JUST THAT FUCKING GOOD.
I’m mouse-crippled
at the moment and this fucktarded touch-pad won’t let me do SHIT, even hyperlink (and no, thank you very much, I am NOT fishing for technical tips to deal with this, just let me be the technological TRS-1000 throwback that I am, and when I get paid on the first, I’ll have a new one), so please copy and paste this link and GO READ IT (in a new tab, of course). She’s not nearly as schadenfreude-overdosed as Realist and I are, she’s been really thoughtful and serious about the whole shell game, and it is DAMNED GOOD and you HAVE to go read it. Then come back here and tell her how good it was, so that we can maybe someday guilt-trip her ass into posting here for real!

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled Realist ass-kicking. As you were.


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  1. 1. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:


    Granted, we’re all equally fucked now, because of the kool-aid drinkers AND the fascist motherfuckers, and I don’t see what in the fuck we’re gonna do now.

    But, nonetheless, brilliant schadenfreude.

    Amazed that they did it on Corrente, but enjoyed it nonetheless.

  2. 2. mirele Said:

    He wasn’t my candidate. I wanted someone else. But, I voted for Ralph Nader in ’00 (granted, it was in Utah, so I could have just voted for Mickey Mouse for all it would have counted) and I will by damn not make that mistake again in ’08.

    FISA is serious, don’t get me wrong. I did like the comment I read somewhere in my trawling about the Interwebs. It was that all this power given to Gee Dubya would be used against the next President to bring him down. You know, all the shit that should have been prosecuted against this Preznit will be used against the next President for minor shit. Remember the blue dress, everyone?

    The only thing I hope is that before President Obama is impeached for something laughable, he at least gets to nominate a couple of decent replacements to the Supreme Court. Otherwise I’m looking at the remainder of my lifetime under the 21st Century’s version of Chief Justice Taney, one of the most ignomious little men to have ever served on the Supreme Court. Yes, I am saying that the current chief justice is no better than the asshat that wrote the opinion in Dred Scott v. Sanford.

  3. 3. Terrible Said:

    Can we get one thing straight here right the fuck now? This is about FISA and retroactive immunity! This isn’t about Obama vs Clinton! And the ones trying to make it so are in the first place off base since Clinton isn’t exactly the champion of what’s right on this issue and secondly farting around with the Obama vs Clinton meme is letting the criminals run through the gate while we sit around didddling. But since some people want to bring up Senator Clinton then: Where the fuck is she now? Why hasn’t her office issued a strong condemnation of this travisty of a FISA bill? Her silence is deafening.

  4. 4. Realist Said:

    But since some people want to bring up Senator Clinton

    Dude, the only one who brought up Senator Clinton in this thread is you.

  5. 5. Terrible Said:

    Oh! Guess if I wasn’t busting my fucking ass 50 hrs a week just to have a roof and food I’d have taken the time to read the link. Generally though when I hear see the words “Obama cultists” I assume Clinton is there somewhere. Something about living through the past 6 months I think causes it.

  6. 6. Realist Said:

    Doesn’t it suck when some asshole ruins your great rant by pointing out something like that?

    Anyway, it’s quite possible to use the words “Obama cultists” without thinking Senator Clinton would be any better. In fact, Obama would be my choice out of the three – he’s the one closest to my views. That doesn’t mean I like him or approve of him – just that he’s closest to what I want out of what’s available this time.

    But I don’t think Obama would be anything more than slightly better than either of the other two. All three of them are a lot closer to each others viewpoints than they are to mine. Obama shares more beliefs with John McCain than he does with me, and Hillary’s right there in between the two of them.

    To use an easily-grasped analogy, McCain is to the right of home plate, Hillary is standing in the center of home plate, and Obama is to the left of home plate. Meanwhile, I’m clear the fuck out in left field.

  7. 7. Terrible Said:

    Good analogy. But being a Mensan I’m more into something non-sports related. :-)

    Yeah I guess all the Clinton supporters I saw on C&L Friday night and Saturday saying “see you should have supported Hillary” has got me over defensive of a candidate that I feel about the same as you about. I’m so damn dissappointed more people couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Kucinich or Edwards. And this damn FISA BS makes me beyond hopping mad! I don’t want to have to fight a revolution at my age! What ever happened to the idea of the Bill of Rights being sacred to this country?

  8. 8. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    I wasted my primary vote on Edwards, before his overt whoredom became openly obvious.

    I shoulda voted for Hillary, not that it would’ve mattered, this bass-ackwards states gives all of the delegates to ONE person, rather than according delegates by how many votes that they actually got. Oh, yeah, THAT’S democratic.

    No, I never “loved” Hillary or drank any kool-aid, but y’know, at least with this devil we know, we know what to expect. Haven’t seen her fighting FISA too overtly, but at least she wouldn’t have shocked anybody if she’d rolled-over for the corporate owners like the freshest meat in the prison yard.

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