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It’s all A & E’s fault (link here)

Posted by Realist on October 21, 2006 – 3:00 pm

Due to the shabby way A & E has treated their only decent show, I have only a minute because they have programmed all of the remaining 8 episodes of “MI-5” for today. Fuckers. So I’ll just post this excerpt from an article in the New Yorker from the 27 March 2006 issue. I am so sorry that I cannot give proper credit to the author because I neglected to note the name. At any rate here you are:

“The United States acted as though simple regime change in Iraq, with no adequate plans for reconstruction and economic development, were sufficient reason for declaring ‘Mission Accomplished.’ We now confront an expensive, long-term struggle to keep a fractious society from spinning dangerously out of control, and our unapologetic near-unilateralism has left us without much sympathy, or support, from our nominal allies. Fukuyama [Francis, this may have been a review of his most recent book-BB] thinks that neoconservative like Krauthammer [Charles, a right asshole-BB] either have been seduced by the rhetoric of liberation into thinking that deposing Saddam Hussein is the twenty-first-century equivalent of deposing Hitler or have abandoned neoconservative principles and turned into knee-jerk ‘American exceptionalists’ who think that the superiority of our values authorizes us to act toward the rest of the world as benevolent hegemons, and exempts us from the considerations of deference and prudence by which we expect the behavior of other states to be constrained.”


UPDATE: I added the link to A & E’s page on MI-5, just for MF. I do hate to give A & E the publicity.

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  1. 1. Mentis Fugit Said:

    I had to go to IMDB to find out what show you were talking about, Annti.

    Talk about two nations divided by a common language: the show’s non-U.S. title is a British English slang term for spies. It took me a couple of seconds to remember why “Spooks” wouldn’t go down so well across the Atlantic. Ouch.

  2. 2. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Mentis, pumpkin, this is BB’s post. I get A&E, but I’ve never watched the show.

    BUT, while you’re over here visiting for a bit, could you help a sister out with some blog format issues?

    Shit has been added to my template that I didn’t add, and can’t find it in the HTML template to change.

    Any clues?

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