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Meet Tarrou

Posted by Realist on July 12, 2008 – 11:39 pm

I can’t do cat blogging as I don’t have one, so I’ll introduce you to my hermies instead. Above is Tarrou “The Asshole”. Look at the tip of your pinky finger and you’ll know his general size. In hermit crab years, he’s still a baby. He’s also, as I’m sure you’ve guessed by his nickname, a total asshole. He sees no problem with cannibalism, something I learned the hard way when he ate his brother Rieux a couple of years ago. Yeah, not something I want to come home to again. Little fucker seemed real proud of himself too. I got the last laugh, though, when I introduced two new roomies to his terrarium a short time later, both of which are at least twice his size. Rambert “The Loud” and Atticus “The Thief” don’t put up with any of that bullshit.

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  1. 1. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    I love your little hermies. Especially in the big pic, where you can see his hairy little legs.

    Be funny (sick and sad, yes, but karmically amusing on some level) if Rambert ever gets even with his cannibalistic ass…

    No, I’m not HOPING for such, but hell, who goes eating their own RELATIVES?!!?!??!

    Granted, I’ve got some who OUGHT to be barbequed and fed to some inmates, but I sure as hell wouldn’t eat ’em! Ick.

  2. 2. CC McGoon Said:

    if Rambert ever gets even with his cannibalistic ass…

    Then you’d have to hear me cry ’bout it endlessly. He may be an asshole, but he’s MY asshole (shut up). Not to mention that Rambert enjoys fucking with me when I’m sleeping much more than he’ll ever enjoy pickin’ on his roomies.

    I do worry about what will happen when Tarrou catches up with Atticus in size. Let’s just hope that Atticus doesn’t like his shell cause he won’t hesitate to steal it right off of his back.

    *re-reads everything I just wrote*




    I think I just became the hermie equivalent of the “crazy cat lady”.

  3. 3. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Whattaya mean, “became”?


    And y’know, if you could get some motion-activated video of those little weirdos, it might make Meerkat Manor look like a walk in the park.

    Although you’ve got a much smaller cast to work with, so you couldn’t just LET the little bastids get killed, like those Discovery/Animal Planet motherfuckers did with Flower and Shakespeare. Yes, I used to be addicted to that show, back when I had cable. They posture this bullshit “prime directive” attitude that they can’t “interfere” with the meerkats when they’re getting KILLED, but oh, there’s no “interference” in strapping radio collars on ’em, running camera cables up into their dens, letting them acclimate to humans in their environment, oh, no, that’s doing them a FAVOR. Nevermind how many MILLIONS in ad revenue that the meerkats have made for those fuckers, oh, no, to SAVE THEIR LIVES would be “interference.”

    Same people who think that a blastocyst has a “soul.” Yeah.

    Just like those PETA whores, they don’t give a fuck about the animals, they’re just in it for THEMSELVES.

    Who, me? Tangent? What tangent?

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