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Arming Teachers

Posted by Realist on August 16, 2008 – 2:09 am

This is literally happening just a few short miles from the town where I went to elementary and junior high school:

When classes start Aug. 25 in the tiny Harrold school district, there will be one distinct difference from years prior: Some of the teachers may have guns.

To deter and protect against school shootings, trustees have altered district policy to allow employees to carry concealed weapons if they have a state permit and permission from the administration. The 110-student district lies 150 miles northwest of Fort Worth on the eastern end of Wilbarger County, near the Oklahoma border.

I cannot see how this is a good idea. I understand what it is like to be a good half hour away from emergency services, and how dangerous that can be when help is needed immediately. I wonder, though, why they don’t follow the example of other school districts around the state by having a police officer on campus during school hours. It seems to me that that would be the safer option. Of course I don’t know if schools are expected to pay for these officers (which a small district like Harrold may not be able to afford) or even if Wilbarger County has the officers to spare.

Allowing employees to carry firearms on campus scares me though. How hard would it be for one of the students to get their hands on one of them? A school security expert interviewed in the article says, “”If something were to happen here, I’d much rather be calling a parent to tell them that their child is OK because we were able to protect them.” That is a very heroic thought, but how will they feel if they have to call a parent to inform them that their child was shot by a gun that was authorized by the school administration to be on campus?

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  1. 1. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Welllllll, score another one for Texass on the “Crazier-Than-Batshit Contest,” even Lousy-ana republicunts aren’t THAT crazy. YET.

    Skeeeeeery. ‘Cause you KNOW that one of those idiotic bitches is going to reach for her lipstick and wind-up crippling the basketball team.

    On a less serious note, y’all should express many thanks (to the noodly appendage of your choice) that this wasn't a Lousy-Ana law back when I was teaching driver's ed OR substitute-teaching grade & junior-high school.

    Trust me.

  2. 2. CC McGoon Said:

    Hell, I’m happy that guns weren’t allowed when I was in school! I had a few teachers that were a special kind of crazy and the thought of them carrying a gun is some scary shit. I could definitely see some “misunderstandings” taking place.

    “I saw her reaching for what I thought was a weapon, officer. How was I to know that she was only grabbing a pencil?!”

  3. 3. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    I never subbed for high school for a reason.

    “Um, sir, what happened was, she misunderstood my question, and when she whipped-out her .357, well, I just tried to help her better understand what I was saying (“Gimme the fucking gun, you fat bitch and shut the fuck up!!!”), and, um, see, that’s when the safety on the revolver went off and I think that it accidentally made the gun fire.

    What? Oh, those splatters on the ceiling.

    Yessir. Those are my balls, sir.

    Where is she? Last I saw, she was running down towards the teachers’ lounge, something about ‘bibul-bangers’ or other… Could you hold the tourniquet for me, please? My fingers keep going numb… No sir, she wasn’t my regular teacher, she was a substitute, but I don’t know that the administration is going to keep her around… yes, apply pressure there for me, it’s right next to that femoral artery sir…

    My girlfriend? Captain of the cheer squad? Um. Uh. Sorry, sir, it’s the shock… Yeah, see that big red splat on the blackboard? With the hair extensions and sculptured nails?

    Yessir, that’s her. Gonna miss that gal. She swallowed, too.”

    Psycho-cunt neighbor across the street in Broadmoor taught NOLA public high school, and those little psycho-cunts THREW DESKS AT HER, heavy textbooks, one heavily pregnant girl pulled a fucking SWITCHBLADE ON HER, IN THE MIDDLE OF CLASS. While I would've loved to get one of those "Teach for Murka" gigs, especially if they'd let me teach the radio & drama classes that they mentioned at the school board interview, but nobody was hiring fucking ENGLISH TEACHERS, the lying bitches. At least not hiring THIS fucking English teacher. But no fucking way would I have gone into those high schools. Those kids are way the fuck taller than ME and they're young, healthy, and can rebound from a cold-cock in a HEARTBEAT and then beat you senseless before you can say, "DETENTION!"

    Hell, they have NOPD cops in most of those schools, and they don't do any more in those schools than they do on the fucking streets! "Let the fuckers kill each other, less paperwork for us." — ACTUAL COP QUOTE, 1999, NOLA.

    I dunno how the kids are in Texas, if Houston's schools are different from, say, Farmer's Branch or DFW or Waco or Amarillo, but honestly, beyond the billions of ways that this could go utterly FUBAR, I kinda feel for the teachers (well, the non-bibul-banging-nazi types, anyway) and would at least give 'em a good can of pepper spray. I think that we've established that NOBODY BUT ME can be trusted with a fucking TASER (and don't piss me off!), so no, I wouldn't give 'em stun-guns, but they could at least have one of those bean-bag guns, knock the air out of 'em, long as they don't aim at their heads and kill the brats.

    That's what you ought to suggest to those numbnuts — BEAN-BAG GUNS!!!

    Thanks, I'll be here all weekend, and then playing at the Airport Ramada until I commit a mass homicide when the audience doesn't laugh.

  4. 4. Trevor Said:


    The teachers are not being handed guns! They are being given the right to conceal their guns in schools just like they do…legally… *everywhere else* On top of that, they are forced to undergo additional training to carry them in schools. Oh, and I will admit that I could be wrong here, but as far as I know, most bean bag guns are either A) hard to get because they are made for the law enforcement market almost exclusively or B) rounds that you put in a 12 Gauge shotgun, which, although funny, isn’t very practical for the English teacher to have hidden in her blouse.

  5. 5. Terrible Said:

    Wouldn’t this still be against federal laws that prohibit carrying firearms within a certain distance of schools? I mean they do that with medical marijuana and industrial hemp. States and localities pass laws saying it’s OK to have those things but then the feds say no it’s against fed law. So why wouldn’t they do that with this? Guess the gun manufacturers have more high dollar lobbyists in DC then the medical marijuana and industrial hemp people? But it’s still against federal law for those teachers to bring a gun to school.

  6. 6. CC McGoon Said:


    The teachers are not being handed guns!

    Read the post. I never said they were.

    They are being given the right to conceal their guns in schools just like they do…legally… *everywhere else*

    Really? Everywhere else? I’d like to see someone try to carry their concealed hadgun into a courtroom! There are a lot of places don’t allow a civilians to carry a weapon, even if they have a permit, and there are good reasons for that.

    On top of that, they are forced to undergo additional training to carry them in schools.

    What kind of training? How much training? Who is the trainer? What qualifications do the trainers have? I doubt that it is anywhere near the training that is given to law enforcement and I would expect nothing less.

  7. 7. CC McGoon Said:

    Wouldn’t this still be against federal laws that prohibit carrying firearms within a certain distance of schools?

    Honestly, Terrible, I don’t know. I wouldn’t have a problem if the feds step in to put an end to it though. This whole thing sounds to me like a bad situation waiting to happen.

  8. 8. Terrible Said:

    I agree cc magoon. And I’m a firm believer in owning and carrying guns. But schools are a place they do not belong. That’s why there’s a law against it! With that said back in the 70s when I was in high school it was common for kids to bring guns to school. To show off or if they were going to a freinds after school to do some hunting or target shooting. But that’s Vermont for you. And things are definitly different these days. Ever since Reagan it’s just not safe to let certain radio show listeners carry guns whether they’re kids or adults.

  9. 9. Terrible Said:

    I doubt that it is anywhere near the training that is given to law enforcement and I would expect nothing less.

    Under the federal law I’m pretty sure they’d have to BE law enforcement! Even if just some kind of temp. deputy or something. I’ll look in to just what the fed law says.

  10. 10. Terrible Said:

    OK, the fed law does allow them to have the gun on school property if they are properly lisenced by the state. But they have to have a law enforcement background check. AND IT CAN NOT BE LOADED! Or at least that’s what it looks to me the law says.

    ps: the Supreme Court declared the school free zones to be unconstitutional in ’95 but Congress immediately rewrote the law to be within the Constitution.

  11. 11. mbutler Said:

    God Bless Texas Finally a school district that got it right!

  12. 12. CC McGoon Said:

    Finally a school district that got it right!

    OMG! FINALLY! Cause all of the school districts who have an armed police officer on campus obviously “got it” wrong!


  13. 13. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Yeah, well, that’s what happens when you mention the almighty phallic symbol of GUNS on a blog, all of the lamest (and I mean that in every possible permutation) cockroaches crawl out from under the sheetrock.

    Hey, “butler” — grow the fuck up. This is SO not your area here. We are not amongst the NRA fucktards, genius.

  14. 14. Trevor Said:

    “The teachers are not being handed guns!

    Read the post. I never said they were.”

    My apologies. Unfortunately, I’ve dealt with people with an IQ well under 100 on both ends of the political spectrum and I thought I would stop a stupid comment before it happened.

    “Really? Everywhere else? I’d like to see someone try to carry their concealed hadgun into a courtroom! There are a lot of places don’t allow a civilians to carry a weapon, even if they have a permit, and there are good reasons”

    Apologies, again, because you are correct. In a courtroom there are numerous armed professionals and civilians rightly should not be aloud to conceal firearms there. I disagree that there are “good reasons” not to allow conceal carry everywhere that it is banned. Take my university for example. I go to college on the outskirts of Rochester, NY, which boasts one of the highest murder rates per capita in the nation. On campus, conceal carry is legally barred. There is campus security, however they are practically unarmed both literally (they can only carry pepper spray) and figuratively (not only are they not aloud to stop a crime, even a violent one, from happening, but they aren’t even aloud to CHASE a perpetrator if he/she is escaping). All they are aloud to do is call the police and escort drunk people. If the security at my school were armed and properly trained, I feel that not allowing conceal carry would be perfectly justified. It seems more to me, however, that most places that don’t allow conceal carry act as if the policy is a magic shield that prevents firearm crimes from happening.

    “What kind of training? How much training? Who is the trainer? What qualifications do the trainers have? I doubt that it is anywhere near the training that is given to law enforcement and I would expect nothing less.”

    Unfortunately, I could not find the specific details required for after getting a conceal carry permit in this case. To just get the permit, however, you must:

    1)Be at least 21 years of age or 18 if you are a veteran of the military

    2)Pass the National Instant Check System

    3)Take a 10-15 hour course of both written material and shooting practice (administered by an instructor with at least 40 hours of training, but most have significantly more as they are police officers or professionals in that field)

    “Yeah, well, that’s what happens when you mention the almighty phallic symbol of GUNS on a blog, all of the lamest and I mean that in every possible permutation cockroaches crawl out from under the sheetrock.

    Hey, “butler” — grow the fuck up. This is SO not your area here. We are not amongst the NRA fucktards, genius.”

    Well lets see here. First off, mbutler’s 1-2 sentence reply really doesn’t say much about his intelligence. It says that he is Christian, pro-gun, pro-Texas, and is not a fan of the period key on his computer. What your post, however, says is that you insult the intelligence of others that disagree with your political ideologies as well as directly insult them by mashing swear words with politically incorrect words for the mentally disabled.

    Also, I’ve gots me a big ‘ol gun. It’s a .22 caliber bolt action rifle and I’m very content with it. It was a gift from a friend that collects guns. His favorite guns are low caliber pocket pistols, so not every gun enthusiast is so because of some subconscious phallic reason, or else I secretly wish i had a smaller, poorly built penis that took too long to reload :P

  15. 15. CC McGoon Said:

    It says that he is Christian, pro-gun, pro-Texas

    And anyone who has spent more than 5 minutes at this blog would know that the admininstrator as well as at least one contributor are athiests. I’m careful when I comment on someone else’s blog not to bring up “God” so that I don’t end up showing disrespect where I don’t mean to. I expect others to show the same respect when they show up to our blog.

    As far as mbutler being pro-gun, Annti was right to point out that we’re not exactly best friends to the NRA. If s/he wants to respectfully disagree with that, fine. But instead, s/he did a drive-by post that not only said very little, but s/he didn’t even bother to try to back-up anything that s/he said. If someone wants to be treated with respect on this blog, they need to be willing to show some themselves.

    On the “pro-Texas” front, I am a proud Texan myself. Born and raised here, lived here my whole life, and have no plans of moving elsewhere. Loving Texas is not a sin on this blog. If it were, I never would have been invited to blog here. All that being said though, Texas is not perfect. We will happily point out where we think Texas is doing wrong and if someone wants to disagree with that, they need to, as I said above, show us some respect while pointing out where they think we are wrong. It would be nice if they backed it up with some facts and/or a well thought out opinion. mbutler did neither.

    We can handle disagreement here. What we will not put up with, however, is trolling, and mbutler has given us no reason to think that s/he isn’t a troll.

    What your post, however, says is that you insult the intelligence of others that disagree with your political ideologies as well as directly insult them by mashing swear words with politically incorrect words for the mentally disabled.

    First of all, if you had spent any time on this blog at all, you’d know that using “swear words” is very common on this site. If you have a problem with that, this blog is really not the place for you.

    I’ll let Annti defend her use of the word “lame” (if she feels that doing so is worth her time, which I’d completely understand if she didn’t). Personally, I think her many years of intense pain and suffering (which, if you had bothered to read the blog, you’d know about) has earned her the right to use the word any time she damn well chooses. I know that I don’t have the right to use a lot of words (“lame” included) without offending some people, but that doesn’t mean that those words are banned to all. If it is a word that has been used against a person or their ancestors in a way to belittle and/or deny civil rights, I think the victim’s right to use it at will has been earned.

    As far as insulting mbutler’s intelligence goes, we’ll worry about that when s/he actually shows some.

  16. 16. Terrible Said:

    What? We can use swear words? ;-)

    trevor, I don’t think Annti meant that anyone who owns or collects guns has a phallic fixtation. Just ones that make comments that show a lack of respect for the hazards of guns. I’ve got a shit load of guns all differnt sizes and I’m pretty sure Annti doesn’t think I have a phallic inferiority complex. ? Hey that friend of yours that has “low caliber pocket pistols”, Stevens single shots and that sort? I’ve been getting into extremely low power rifles lately myself, got a 9mm Flobert that only uses the priming for power. Neat little thing.

    I almost had some choice words for mbutler myself last night but then thought it had to be snark. Hard to tell sometimes these days. Guess they were probably serious though or they would have been back to say so.

  17. 17. CC McGoon Said:

    trevor, I just realized that it was “fucktard” that you took offense to. Frankly, I don’t see why you would be more worried about that than “lame”, but okay. Unlike “lame” and “retard”, I’ve never once heard “fucktard” used to belittle someone with a disability. YMMV.

  18. 18. CC McGoon Said:

    What? We can use swear words? ;-)

    Yes, but you must have a permit to do so (don’t worry – Annti hands ’em out like candy). You’ll also need to attend one of CC McGoon’s Curse Like a Motherfuckin’ Sailor training courses. Tequila provided.

  19. 19. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Best fuckin’ laughs I’ve had all day!

    CC, darlin’, you have handled the beheading of a concern troll with one hand and a brilliant vocabulary! I couldn’t be prouder, honey. Nothing more really needs be said, unless said fucktards are not only phallus-challenged, but also flaming fucking MASOCHISTS (like we need THEM around here, we’ve got enough bullshit already) and come back for more.

    And Terrible, honey, you know damned well that you've been deputized to cuss like the pirate that you are since the day I opened this motherfucker, so don't make me come up there!

    ( };-)~~~< heh heh heh… )

    'Sides, I don't think that I've lived to see the day that YOU have ever been "bashful," dear.

    People who segregate language because of cult-based “values” that they place upon the language (’cause, y’know, words are like serial killers, right, they can actually physically DO HARM, like anybody yells “fire!” in a crowded theatre… They are INANIMATE OBJECTS THAT ONLY BEAR MEANING TO THE READER BY PERSONAL INTERPRETATION, if the reader is so weak as to NEED to “interpret” the words/feelings of OTHERS to fit their OWN TINY LITTLE BRAIN-MOLD.) REALLY FUCKING PISS ME OFF, ’cause they’re trying, yet again, in the most passive-aggressive way possible, to CENSOR THOUGHT AND FREE SPEECH, and trying to CONTROL OTHERS THROUGH THEIR LITTLE INVISIBLE-FRIENDS-IN-THE-SKY which will, most certainly, never fucking be allowed here.

    Language cannot be “bad.” Only PEOPLE can be bad, and not in a “Shaft” kinda way, either.


    Still can’t believe that the fucking scientologist mutants got Isaac. Poor bastard. Whatta fucking waste. Like ALL cults…

    Oh, and the reason that this place is named, “Mark Of The Beast,” for any newbies and/or lurkers out there? ‘CAUSE WE DON’T BUY INTO JUDEO-CHRISTIAN-MUSLIM-MOONIE-RASTAFARIAN-WHATEVER MYTHOLOGY WHATSOFUCKINGEVER. While we respect your RIGHT to believe in invisible sky-fairies and jihad and whatever else gets you through the night (I have a bathroom full of Devil Duckies, m’self…) that does not translate over into the self-assumed pseudo-"right" that all xians & other cult fanatics take upon themselves to SHOVE THAT SHIT DOWN OUR THROATS.

    This is a sexism-free, hegemony-free, proselytizing-free zone, kids. Suck it up.

    Free your mind and your ass will follow.

  20. 20. Jaye Ramsey Sutter Said:

    When I was a school girl, we were not allowed to wear pants so I wore my red cords and white “Peanuts” sweatshirt on snow days because they would not close the schools. The big problems were chewing gum and talking in the hall.

    Today I teach in inner city Houston at the junior college and I get email telling me that if I don’t give an A to one of the little paying customers, that God will watch everything that happens after that.

    Guns? The faculty and the administration scare me. I figure the kids have guns, switchblades, and whatnot in their back packs. If they arm the faculty, perhaps the sons of bitches would be nicer to each other. There are not enough cops on campus so that you get a feeling of safety while you are on campus. I am sorry but I am beginning to think that if everyone in Texas has a gun then why shouldn’t I?

    Faculty get their tires cut, cars broken into. I got grabbed by three students and they would not throw the kids out of the class. I just took leave so I would not have to deal with them. But the faculty is usually pulling some sort of juvenile shit like refusing to ban together for a cause that would help the faculty.

    It is a sad, sad thing that schools are not safe. I believe that they should be shelters for students from whatever shithole lives they face at home. But it is just usually a job for people who can’t hold down a private sector job and are too stupid for real life. So they worry about stupid shit like are their students on time and did they check roll.

    My favorite question ever asked in class? I was lecturing away one day on the majesty of a Supreme Court opinion. Projecting a copy of Roe v. Wade on the screen so the kids could see the format, the notes, the placement of the writing on the page–and a woman asked me should she leave after her boyfriend beat her and call the police or stay and call them because she heard you should never leave the scene of a crime.

    We are so doomed. We can’t teach them anything if they are scared.

  21. 21. Trevor Said:

    “I’m careful when I comment on someone else’s blog not to bring up “God” so that I don’t end up showing disrespect where I don’t mean to. I expect others to show the same respect when they show up to our blog.”

    Good point! I’ll admit that I was linked here from CNN’s article and that I’ve never been to this blog before, so I knew nothing about it other than this entry.

    About my comment on swear words, I would like to start with this:

    fuck, shit, ass, bukkake, ect…

    Since it was brought up, I am a Christian but I see no reason why god would take offense to words created by humans simply because humans take offense to them as well. That always seemed stupid to me, and thus, I curse whenever I damn well feel like it.

    Having said that, I’ll admit that I was being a bit of a troll by jabbing Annti for calling NRA members fucktards.

    Oh and something I completely forgot to mention about my “ultra safe gun free” college in my last post: the numerous robberies and rapes/sexual assaults that occur on campus every year.
    I don’t know if the police always catch the criminals, but I know that the ROTC member that was cleaning his competition rifles in a hotel owned by the university nearly got expelled.

  22. 22. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Trevor, you seem to be trying to get awfully comfortable here.


    You “jab” Annti, Annti tends to behead you.

    While Jaye has been through some particularly HORRENDOUS experiences on her university, and we all want to watch her back and kneecap the woman-hating little fucktard who’s currently threatening her (since we can’t exactly get to the motherfuckers who assaulted her already), that doesn’t mean that you’re going to find a gun-friendly batch of NRA compadres here. Jaye, like many of us here, has been through hell nine times to fucking Sunday, and has earned the right to fuck up ANYBODY who fucks with her (one would think that all humans are born with that right, but to certain cops, not so fucking much), and I will defend her right to do so 'til the death.

    But that doesn't mean that I am thrilled with the idea of some bigger/meaner/sociopathic motherfucker wrestling the gun out of her hand and using it to hurt her or hold her hostage or worse. Face it, majority of times, in a stress situation, the person who bought the gun for self-protection winds-up being shot by that same fucking gun, by the intruder/stalker/psycho who's assaulting them in the first place.

    As much as I would like life to accommodate the Thelmas & Louises of this world, it doesn't, and that Grand Canyon finale is a BITCH. They may have stopped that rapist in the bar parking lot, but in the end, the bastards won after all, because they knew that they could never return to their homes or anywhere in America. And that's not a pro-gun statement, that's an anti-rapist, anti-fucktard-cops, anti-sexist-pig statement. And no, no amount of guns can eradicate those kinds of lowlifes from the planet, not so long as people keep CREATING those monsters.

    BTW, thus far, in every argument, if you can call them that, you seem to be backpedaling faster than a crawfish on angel dust. Doesn't say much for your "beliefs" that you came here to "defend," if you're caving every other fucking breath. So yeah, for a troll, thus far, BIIIIGGGGG DISAPPOINTMENT.

    Though I would pay good money to see CCMcGoon take you on in a cage match, 'cause she would whup some reality into your ass. Maybe she could finally free your mind, and your ass would most certainly follow, I feel sure. Then again, having observed your subservient nature towards CC thus far, you'd probably enjoy it far too fucking much, at least until she kicks you into unconsciousness. Scratch the cage match, I guess.

    Also, your little excerpt there about your "university" isn't even an accurate comparison. If you're a freshman in English 1001 on a sports scholarship, I *might* be able to understand the lack of ability, but since you keep coming back, I cannot understand the lack of EFFORT. That's just, well, LAME.

    If you wanted to be USEFUL for once, you'd bring CC the link from CNN, 'cause I'm sure that she'd be damned proud of it. But since you haven't thus far, I ain't holding my breath.

    Are there any people there at Rochester that you could, y'know, go out and TALK TO, maybe? Like an English/composition tutor, someone who teaches parliamentary procedure and the art of the argument? 'Cause if you think that this place, like some other blogs, tolerates or coddles trolls, hoping that there is a scant ounce of humanity in there somewhere, then son, you could not be MORE wrong.

    You wanna hang out here, you have to show the good stuff right off of the fucking bat, not come in here swinging like a meth-head in DTs, with no target and no point, just aggravating people for the sake of aggravating people. If you don't have any good stuff, then get a hobby and/or a jar of cheap hand cream. I'm sure you'll figure it out from there, or at least I would hope.

    But hey, if they ever invent an oral spermicide for men, I will break my neck to get some in the mail to you, 'cause the last guy I want peeing into the gene pool is a gun nut who can't even construct a paragraph. Fuck, we've got an entire LEGISLATURE of those kind of morons here, we don't need any more. Then there's the doddering mothball McSenile and his very sloppy puppeteers, the lobbyists who are using Georgia to re-start the fucking cold war, and being so sloppy about it that they can't even do THAT right…


    So even if you can’t get a grip on safe gun-handling/gun-control laws, please, for the sake of the planet, PLEASE get a grip on yourself and keep your DNA to yourself. Is that really so much to ask?

    One last thought: Did it ever occur to you that the definitions of your “gawd” was written down, as in, THOUGHT UP, by humans, purely fuck-uppable, fallible human beings, and that maybe all of the rules & regulations that go with yer "gawd" and the associated gathering-rooms are just as fallible and foolish as the weird men who came up with them?

    And if you can handle that part, did you also know that King James was a HUGE fucking misogynist and had ENTIRE BOOKS of the bible deleted in order to ERASE THE IMPACT OF WOMEN UPON THE PRACTICE AND LAWS OF JUDEA? True. For example: In a passage of the book of Ruth, describing Ruth (who was a JUDGE, not just a HAUSFRAU), KJ had it changed from the Hebrew, instead of “Ruth JUDGED well,” into “Ruth SERVED well.”

    And that’s just one of millions of changes and errors in the big book o’fairy-tales. So if the book that the cult is based upon is fallible, then that makes the invisible-friend-in-the-sky fallible, which means that “he” prolly doesn’t know ratshit about the development of the English language or the permutations thereof.

    Just thought that I’d give you something to gnaw upon there. Before you come back to backpedal some more, or, y’know, whatever…

    Honestly, I’m bored titless with the whole concept of trolls, so I hope to hell that you’ve run out of material for now. Got much more important shit that I’d rather be writing.

    And here I go, breaking my own cardinal rule about not feeding the trolls, but whatever it takes to convince you that YOU PROLLY OUGHTA KEEP MOVING ALONG, I guess we’ll have to just keep trying until we can pound it into your skull with a sledgehammer.

  23. 23. Trevor Said:

    Ahh, where to start…

    First off, do it, behead me. Or was your post the “beheading”? Because I feel fine.

    Second; I’m “backpedaling” because I am OPEN MINDED. I posted on this blog looking to converse, learn, and maybe even change my mind on any issue because I’m always up for listening to other opinions and seeing other viewpoints.

    I find it hilarious that you claim that anyone that disagrees with your perspective needs to “free their mind” when you are too proud and…bitchy (i cant think of a more eloquent word, I profusely apologize) that no evidence whatsoFUCKINGever will change your mind.

    I’ll still give it a shot though…

    The link is to an article written by state senator Jerry Patterson of Texas.

    Senator Patterson introduced SB-60, Texas’s conceal carry law, which was passed in 1996. Since then, the FBI’s and Department of Safety’s Uniform Crime Reports (2004) and the National Center For Policy Analysis (2000) reported:

    An 18% drop in handgun murders
    A 13% drop in handgun murders per capita
    A 9% drop in overall crime

    Conceal carry owners in Texas are:
    5.7 times less likely to be arrested for a violent offense
    14 times less likely to be arrested for a non-violent offense
    1.4 times less likely to be arrested for murder

    The article then goes on to quote people that were outspokenly against the law but have since changed their minds, probably because they don’t have their own sexism-free, hegemony-free, proselytizing-free blog. That or the evidence, y’know, evidence is good too.

    So if conceal carry does nothing to protect people from being attacked…if it even goes so far as to increase their likelihood of being harmed, then what the statistics listed above say is that conceal carry holders are acting as a sort of “crime-sponge”, attracting more crime specifically to them so that normal civilians such as yourself are not as likely to be attacked. That’s got to be it!

    Now on to Religion!

    Pretend (just pretend, itll be ok) that God exists for a moment.

    All of humanity’s fuckups and agenda driven lies are exactly that, committed by MEN and WOMEN, not God. I’m fully aware that God’s message (you’re still pretending he’s real) has been altered and skewed over the thousands of years but that does not stop people from getting the basics of Christianity:
    -God exists
    -We are all fundamentally flawed
    -*Sincerely try* to do what you think is conscientious and

    Ok, you can stop pretending now.

    No sexism, no bigotry. To me, everything else is open to interpretation because it has at least a small chance of being bullshit. I don’t even go to church anymore because of how pious and ignorant it all seems, but thats the work of humanity, not of my invisible friend in the sky.

    Oh, and in the spirit of being the troll that I apparently am,

    Jesus loves you

  24. 24. Terrible Said:

    trevor you forgot one of the most important “basics of Christianity”! That man was created in Gods image and thus God must be fundamentally flawed. A real loser who’d just as soon sin if Wodin didn’t keep an eye on the uppity runt.

  25. 25. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Look, CHILD, obviously you have issues with women, or you wouldn’t come here, stirring shit with all of us, heeding not even the words of one of our male contributors in his generous efforts to warn you off while you are still whole, or as whole as you were when you got here, however minimal that may be.

    Your pedantic attempts to shove your Jeebus-penile-substitute down our throats does not go without notice, but it’s so fucking limp and lame, it’s not worth the effort to discuss.

    Perhaps when I am better, I’ll have the energy to rip you to shreds as is properly done, but right now, little man, you are the least of my fucking worries. See, some of us have lives OUTSIDE of our keyboards, and worrying with some nit-picking little lame-ass dork in the comments isn’t even ON THE LIST.

    Piss off.

    Jeebus may love you, but the rest of us think you’re an asshole.

    You’ve brought neither intelligent discourse nor anything even remotely interesting to this blog, so if you can’t lurk quietly and not disturb the adults, go the fuck home.

  26. 26. CC McGoon Said:

    …bitchy (i cant think of a more eloquent word, I profusely apologize)

    I don’t believe for a moment that you wanted to use a different word. You said exactly what you meant to say, only you tried to hide behind the flimsy excuse of being lazy so you wouldn’t get called on it.

    Go make a friend. Find a hobby. Hell, I don’t care what you do, just do it away from us.

  27. 27. CC McGoon Said:

    And I’ll happily do that to any other comments you are stupid enough to leave as well, Trevor.

    The same applies to any other trolls who try follow Trevor’s dumbass example. If you use bigotry to insult any of my co-bloggers on my posts, I’ll remove your commenting privileges quicker than you can say “feminazi bitch”.

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