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Anniversary? What anniversary?

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on August 30, 2008 – 3:26 am

Great minds think alike (and concurrently) tonight, so rather than push CC’s post down the page, I’m linking to mine from the storage unit.

I’m still editing it, but I wanted to get the rant up, so see whatcha think so far.

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  1. 1. CC McGoon Said:

    Great rant! And don’t worry about pushing my post down the page. Such is the life of blogging.

    Teh republicunt MSM of this state make SUCH a fucking point of coming all over themselves as they point out the “brilliant preparations” of their fellow powers-that-be are making

    I was reading somewhere yesterday (can’t remember where) that the people in N.O. are being warned that if they don’t evacuate, “well, sucks to be you, we’re not opening up the Superdome again”. Cause, you know, that worked out SO WELL the first time around. It’s nice to see that they are starting the victim-blaming early though.

  2. 2. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    EXXXXACTLY!!!!!! Fuck. You should hear the Baton Rouge smug-republicunt MSM, they make me wanna pull an Elvis on the fucking television.

    “Well, yes, we’ve made great preparations, but of course, there’s still a large element of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY involved here, too. We can make all of the provisions in the world, but if the people don’t get out, then we can’t help them.”

    Retroactive CYA. None of the cocksuckers in the Capitol now lifted a fucking finger to help MeeMaw or anybody in NOLA, and the majority of the little punks in there now JUST GOT THEIR FUCKING G.E.D.s (unlike Timmy motherfuckin’ Teepell, who STILL ain’t bothered!!!), so of COURSE they’re insulated, smug and arrogant enough to believe that, well, everybody has a car and gas in it and a place to go, right? So why are they so fucking LAYYY-ZEEE?!?!??!

    They committed genocide so that Piyush could finally get elected, and now that the little egomaniacs are in there, they can’t stop CROWING about their “success,” even though THEY DIDN’T FUCKING EARN IT, any more than fucking DUMBYA DID.

    I'd give both of my gravitationally-challenged tits to go back in time and keep Edwin Edwards' ass from getting framed, 'cause that was the first domino in destroying the Louisiana democratic party. Don't think that any of this shit was accidental.

    That loose barge, that nobody bothered to even fucking TOUCH for OVER 24 MOTHERFUCKING HOURS, that was no fucking accident. Andrea's already reported, three years ago, all of the 8th & 9th Ward residents who heard that big boom (just like in 1927), yet no gubmint study can "find" any evidence.

    Just because they keep changing the topic doesn't mean that anything has CHANGED. You can't give 1,400+ people their lives back, you can't put the birthplace of American music back like it's a fucking souvenir shop, and you can't make it NOT HAVE HAPPENED by ignoring it.

    I gotta go back into lockdown, or I'm gonna wind-up blowing a few aneurysms. Three years in, and it doesn't hurt any fucking less.

    Imagine what it was like for the people who were actually IN IT. Barry Cowsill, who couldn't swim, abandoned by his own fucking SISTER as she & her new hubby fled to Nashville, getting swept downstream and drowning under the Gov. Nichols St. Wharf. Hundreds of women, men, children, hanging on by their fucking fingernails, until they couldn't hold anymore.

    And yes, I know that we've already lost multiples of this number in Iraq, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, life sucks everywhere, nobody should die for a corrupt, illegal regime.

    But gawddammit, this was 9/11, except that they didn't even try to play "surprised" about it!!! Our "fellow" citizens blamed US for not having cars, for not having a running bus line, for not having the fucking MONEY that it costs to evacuate, and they still fucking do. And I don't just mean the whole country (though the rest of the states were, by and large, WAY the fuck more human and giving about it than our home-grown maggots), either.

    Nobody will ever fucking mention it now, but I sat here and WATCHED every fucking interstate exit get CLOSED-0FF AND BARRICADED BY HEAVILY-ARMED COPS. All the fucking way up I-10. Every single little cracker-ass town between Kenner and Baton Rouge, except maybe Gonzales.

    Oh, they’s rapists and gangsters and thugs, oh my! They’ve all got guns! (Whilst the rednecked republicunt fucktards bought-out EVERY FUCKING HANDGUN IN THE TRI-PARISH AREA IN A DAY AND A FUCKING HALF!!!!) They’re raping babies and old women in the Superdome (yeah, thanks, See-Ray, THAT REALLY FUCKING HELPED!!!)!!!!

    I haven’t seen that kind of race hysteria since they FINALLY integrated the public schools in Klan Central. Oh, they TRIED to do it back in the ’60s, but for some reason, it just didn’t take… They were still busing-in black kids when I was in elementary school.

    And yes, I go postal/Naomi Campbell when yankees make stereotypes of Southerners, using only hearsay and other old jokes by other snots as their “research.” And that’s exactly fucking why. Because they’ve never fucking LIVED IT. And they never will. It’s safer for them to assume that all Southerners are Poyner, Texas, or Mandeville (still got that giant blue “THIS IS DUKE COUNTRY!!!” billboard RIGHT WHEN YOU EXIT THE FUCKING CAUSEWAY, too. They re-paint it every fucking year.), Louisiana. That we’re all inbred knuckle-draggers, ’cause it’s one of the last “safe” bigotries. Fat people and Southerners. But we “Deserve” it, right? We’re the same motherfuckers who sided with the klan after the Civil War, in order to enforce a caste system. Yup, that’s us.

    But of course, as much as I’ve been decrying the bigotry that paints all Southerners as bigots, every fucking time, some fucking cousin-fucking wall-eyed fucktard has to go and PROVE THE YANKEES RIGHT. In the case of Katrina, it was a couple hundred-thousand crackers who made damned sure that none of “those people” let the sun set on their behinds in THEIR towns.

    Okay, last rant, I have GOT to get some fucking sleep: NEVER fucking forget St. Rita’s Nursing Home OR Baptist/Memorial Hospital, where the genocide got PERSONAL. Every one of those motherfuckers went free. Every single one. And the St. Rita’s case was moved, OF COURSE, up here to Hillbilly Hell-Hole, so that they could select an “unbiased” jury. About as unbiased as Louis Farrakhan or George Wallace. Wall-to-wall crackers, REWARDING those Chalmatian motherfuckers for murdering the elderly in their care. And almost every single dead patient was a MEDICAID PATIENT.

    Apparently, they’ve decided to make Louisiana the little “test kitchen” for fascism, recidivism, and every other fucking genocidal stunt, before they use it on the WHOLE country. Why not? It’s worked so well for ExxonMobil, British Petroleum, Marathon Oil, etc. We’re just a state-full of lab rats.

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