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Banksy Hits New Orleans

Posted by Realist on August 30, 2008 – 5:44 pm

Teh kid introduced us to Banksy a few years back. The anonymous artist inspired him to do a lot of large pieces.
I just saw in the Arts Briefly column mention of his recent New Orleans murals. BoingBoing has great photos and links.

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  1. 1. CC McGoon Said:

    I love how he works his pieces in with other graffiti that was there before. The one he did over “The Gray Ghost” was one of my favorites.

    Is this the same guy who did the piece in England of the two policemen kissing? I remember seeing a pic of it somewhere a while back and it looks like something this Banksy person could have done.

  2. 2. CC McGoon Said:

    Nevermind, I looked it up. It was Banksy.

  3. 3. mirele Said:

    Love Banksy, just love love love. I especially liked it when he smuggled pieces into famous museums and left them on their walls. Or when he took copies of Paris Hilton’s album and gave them a makeover. Damn. Guy’s got a clever, clever mind.

  4. 4. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    I’m not as familiar as y’all are, but y’know what would be really fuckin’ cool?

    If we could get Banksy working with the Scarlet Pimpernel. Imagine the interstate overpasses THEN.

    Okay, not as witty or poignant as Banksy’s work on its own, but still, imagine the shock.

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