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"DEMCO and Entergy Can Suck My Euphemistic Cock"

Posted by Realist on September 6, 2008 – 1:03 am

Betcha can’t tell from the above quote who I just talked to. Annti wanted me to update y’all on her situation. As I’m sure you’ve figured out by now, the electricity companies are pissing off poor people left and right. The Country Club of Louisiana and the malls have power right now, as I’m sure you’re ever so happy to know, but her town is still suffering in the southern summer heat. The “best” part? She was told yesterday that it will probably be TWENTY-ONE MORE FUCKING DAYS until she sees any electricity again. Tell me that ain’t some bullshit.

There is, however, plenty of bottled water being handed out. She doesn’t understand why, since the water in town is running just fine and doesn’t need to be boiled to be safe, but there you have it. She’s been busting her ass every day making trips to get ice for the people in her building only to be met with little appreciation for all her work. And to rub some salt in the wound, she’s been trying arrange ice deliveries to the building so that she isn’t breaking her own back and using all of her gas doing it herself, and when it finally happens today, no one informs her that the truck came by. In fact, some bright assholes in the lobby were idiotic enough to tell the guy that they don’t need any, making the attempt useless. So, yes, she had to make another trip herself. Personally, I think it’s a damn miracle that she hasn’t taken her baseball bat to some heads.

Being deprived of TV and computer is driving our gal crazy. She’s been getting plenty of reading done though. The funniest part in our conversation happened when I was in the middle of a sentence about how reading is a lot more enjoyable if it isn’t the ONLY thing to do, when she interrupted me with “I can’t even run my vibrator right now. What were you saying?”

“Um, Annti? A damn good way to make me lose my train of thought is to bring up vibrators. My brain has done a complete 360.”

After a good round of laughter, she tried to remind me of what I was saying, “You were talking about reading. Go ahead.”

“Nope, I’ve officially lost it. Vibrators it is.”

After a spending a few interesting minutes on our new topic, we made our way back to the situation at hand. She asked me to tell her beloved friends and readers to praise the GMC (it may be old, but it still does all the work demanded of it), show some love to the National Guard (who have been busting their asses to help those in need) and send a big “FUCK YOU” to the Sheriff’s Department (who acts as if her town doesn’t even EXIST).

“Oh! And tell ’em that one thing that will never stop in a disaster is commerce. Capitalism rules over all.” She’s spent $60 on ice so far, which is absolutely ridiculous, and $2 bags of cat food has gone up to $5. And that’s not even for the big bags. She didn’t tell me to ask for any donations, but I know that anything anyone can give to the cause will be much appreciated.

Anyhoo, that is your Annti update for the time being. Keep her in your thoughts. It may be awhile before she’ll be joining us again, but as Tammy has said several times, when she does come back she should be bringing us some good rants.

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  1. 1. SeattleTammy Said:

    Holy Shit!!1!!! 21 days???

    Ok, I’ve muttered several words that start with an “F”.
    What do we do now?

  2. 2. SeattleTammy Said:

    Oh! It seems you can leave a comment, even if you don’t live there!

  3. 3. CC McGoon Said:

    I don’t know. I just about lost my shit when she told me that. Needless to say, she isn’t a happy camper right now. She’s also absolutely exhausted.

    I meant to mention it in my post, but Entergy announced that they have thousands of people working on the situation and will bring in more if needed. Twenty-one fucking days and they aren’t sure yet if the workers are needed?! What kind of bullshit is that?

  4. 4. SeattleTammy Said:

    I just realized my comment wasn’t on that blank form. Here’s what I asked them:

    I have a friend in St Francesville and I just heard it is going to take you people 21 days to get power back to an apartment building for disabled/elderly people. Excuse me, but I gotta ask, WTF? This is my real name and number. I would appreciate an answer. Thank you, Tammy

  5. 5. Jaye Ramsey Sutter Said:

    Did anyone actually explain it to you? I mean 21 days? Christ on a Cupcake. Speaking of which we could call the local television station in NO and tell them that Mary has appeared in the humidity on the windows in Annti's apartment and see if that rushes it along?

    Goddamn. She needs mosquito netting. Badly needs it.

    I am worried about Hurricane Ike. It seems it is going to hit her again. How can we organize some care packages for her. I understand that her disability check isn't even in which is a total bullshit issue. Can one of you call her damn congressman and find out what is up with that?

    I had the MRI yesterday and I don't want to get into it right now. We will deal with it later. But I am not real mobile right now.

    She needs netting, she needs batteries, she needs non perishable food, she need cat food, she needs meds–can she get that done at a WalMart and have it mailed to her? She needs some type of cell phone charger if she can't do that in her truck.

    I want her to just move to Texas. I know it is heaven on earth but I can look after her better here.

  6. 6. RenB Said:

    CC can you help me?

    Have been rying to send something per pay pal all afternoon. amd ot gets STUCK. plus, it knows my credit card number, and I have NEVER used it on anything ‘google’ that I can remember-. All I ever use it for is to order dvds from Amaszon.

    Can you give me an alternative?

    Am still speechless, as we say—

    Who lknew?


  7. 7. CC McGoon Said:

    Well, I’m way out of my league here, but from what I understand, there are a lot of transformers were destroyed in the hurricane along with all of the lines that were taken out. So, basically, they are having to start from scratch in many areas. It doesn’t help either that she’s in a small town, which, as we all know, makes her low priority. From what I hear, Baton Rouge is getting all of the attention. Also those with money have, as always, been given higher priority. And, of course, as she mentioned, capitalism is ruling over all so businesses seem to be getting plenty of attention. How else can you explain the malls and country club being up and running while Annti sweats in the heat while swatting away mosquitos?

    Someone needs to light a fire under Entergy/DEMCO’s asses. Anyone who has been to the deep south during summertime knows how important air conditioning is, especially for the elderly and disabled. August and September are the worst.

    Anyways, I wish I knew what we could do to make life easier for her. Money helps, of course, but she can’t get to her paypal account until she can get online. Care packages help as well, but as of a couple of days ago, the mail wasn’t running in her town. I don’t know if it is running again yet. I’ll ask her in a bit and let y’all know.

  8. 8. Terrible Said:

    I made it to the Army/Navy store and back in time to hit the Post Office. Sent out a 18′ x 6′ piece of mosquito netting, 50′ of parachute cord(’cause you can never have to much cord or rope), one of those little folding heater things that use the little fuel pellets for boiling water, a package of fire starter sticks(meant to get some matches too but forgot), and a couple of MREs. They had a Jambalia MRE and a Cajun Rice MRE. So I couldn’t resist the irony of sending those to Annti! Just hope she’s got enough homur left when the package gets there to still laugh at that! Oh and cc magoon or Tammy, if you talk to her again tell her to be careful with the little knife I throw in. It’s razor sharp!

  9. 9. CC McGoon Said:

    Renb, e-mail me.

    cc_mcgoon [at] (no spaces).

    Don’t worry – we’ll figure out a way to work this out.

    If anyone else needs help or has any suggestions, feel free to e-mail me as well.

  10. 10. CC McGoon Said:

    Okay, just talked to Annti. Mail is running in her town again, so that is probably the best way to get help to her.

  11. 11. ImStillMags Said:

    Mcgoon…..I just emailed you.

    I’m working on some relief money for her. Check your email.

  12. 12. CC McGoon Said:

    Yeah, I already got it and sent you back a response.

  13. 13. ImStillMags Said:

    I’ve tried to call her and get no answer, is it a cell or land line?
    Have you talked to her today?
    Is she ok?

  14. 14. CC McGoon Said:

    I talked to her this morning and she mentioned that she was going out today to see if she can get online. She probably has to make an ice trip as well and might need to get to a store to stock up on a few needed survival supplies. She’ll probably be back this evening. If I hear from her I’ll tell her that you’re trying to get in touch with her.

  15. 15. ImStillMags Said:

    Kewl, thanks. The gang is rallying and we should have some bucks for her coming first of the week.

  16. 16. mirele Said:

    I got an e-mail from Annti this morning, if I understand her correctly, she was using the Fallen Uterus’ computer at least temporarily.

    I threw some scratch Annti’s way earlier this week, but am concerned that she won’t recover from this hurricane before the next one comes roaring through.

    I just stood outside talking to my brother for half an hour, and you would think that Phoenix would NOT be home to mosquitoes, but you’d be wrong, oh so wrong. My legs itch so much at the moment they feel like they’re about to … won’t say, but the itching is FIERCE.

    Blargh. Wish we could get Annti somewhere else, where the hazards are things like tornadoes or earthquakes…

  17. 17. CC McGoon Said:


    A little trick my mom taught me to stop itching mosquito bites is to cover them with clear nail polish. I switched to New Skin when it came out and it works just as well.

    I’m also worrying about Ike. He’s looking like a bad mofo and it is possible that he could take the same path as Gustav. Annti thinks that may be why Entergy and DEMCO are dragging their feet – they’re waiting to see if Ike is going to come in and make them start all over again. Of course, that doesn’t excuse them from being total bastards.

  18. 18. mirele Said:


    My brother (recently moved over from Houston) says that the electric companies are spending their time restoring power to oil processing facilities and not so much to residences.

    Which is probably why Annti is sweltering right now. :(

  19. 19. Terrible Said:

    OK I’m thinking…. One of the thiongs I meant to put in the package to Annti but there wasn’t room and I forgot was one of those shake flashlights. So what I’m wondering is if they can get enough juice out of the shaker thing on that to run a flashlight light bulb counldn’t that maybe be enough juice to run a vibrator? There’s a lot of possibilities there! This could be a big seller if we get it out on the market before some one else steals it. And just think of the market possibilities in countries with little electicity infrastructure! OK so that’s my thought of the morning – a shake powered vibrator.

  20. 20. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Oh great googly-moogly. See, CC? I told you what would happen if you threw in the vibrator line…

    Anyway, I’m just dropping by for a second to say thank you to all of you wunnerful peoples for caring so much and for worrying about my no-account ass. Think that I might’ve found CC a new housepet, they’ve got a couple of cute boys in the Kentucky NG down here… And obviously, they ARE trainable!

    (Hey, it gives me something to think about besides prickly heat and rashes and bug bites, okay?)

    Dunno when I’ll have time online to post, really hate using teh F.U.’s ‘puter (INTERNET EXPLORER ***BLOWS***!!!!!!), but I’ll be by as often as I can. And whatever y’all do, DON’T BELIEVE A FUCKING THING THAT COMES OUT OF PIYUSH JINDAL, HIS TROPHY-WIFE SUPRIYA, OR ANY OTHER GUBMINT/PO-LEECE MOFOS DOWN HERE. They’re minimizing the FUCK out of the damage, to “differentiate” themselves from Katrina, when we’ve got a helluva lot more people suffering than they’ll admit. No, nobody’s drowning in the streets or frying on top of their roofs, and as far as I know, nobody’s needed to loot yet (but then, a strong “police presence” in the form of Humvees w/large/RBG guns is probably keeping it that way), so the situation is nothing like Katrina.

    But the arrogance, the class warfare, the ineptitude, the bullshit — above and beyond. Never has the equation of wealth with WORTH been more blatantly obvious, and yet the GOP are prepping Piyush to run in 2012, and they’re gonna use THIS shit to launch him, just wait.

    Love y’all.

  21. 21. CC McGoon Said:

    a shake powered vibrator

    I’m on board so long as we can make sure it doesn’t fade out before its job is done.

    Think that I might’ve found CC a new housepet

    A new toy! If I only had more friends like you, Annti, I’d be living in my own little heaven.

    and yet the GOP are prepping Piyush to run in 2012

    Oh hell no. That’s the LAST thing we need. I watched his press conference during Gustav and not only is he scary as hell, but he may have some of the worst public speaking skills on the planet. Even the news stations were bored out of their minds. They cut him off after about 2 minutes. He made Guvnah GoodHair look downright competent, and that’s no easy thing to do.

  22. 22. SeattleTammy Said:

    I got a reply! And on Sunday no less. I love the line “I didn’t understand the letters in your question”

    Please help me craft a reply!

    Dear Tammy Domike,

    Thank you for your request. You will be able to get updated information on the restoral time for this area by dialing the 1-800-9OUTAGE line. I am sorry but I did not understand the letters in your question.

    Please know that Entergy’s “View Outage” feature on will show progress toward restoration. It is still in storm mode and doesn’t show estimated restoration times right now but will as soon as that information is provided.

    If I may be of further assistance please feel free to contact me.


    J Louie
    Customer Service

  23. 23. ImStillMags Said:

    Annti, I need for you to call me OK.
    If you don’t have my number email me at

  24. 24. CC McGoon Said:

    If I may be of further assistance

    Well, you could start by forwarding Tammy’s “request” to someone who understands the “letters in [her] question”, because you obviously have no clue what is going on.

  25. 25. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    And this surprises you, after your joy & thrills w/XCel? Pfft. These corporate motherfuckers, unlike any other state in the fucking union, are allowed to meet "privately" (read: Caribbean vacations, lush dinners, whilst handing-over wads o'cash) with the members of our "PUBLIC SERVICE Commission," and neither parties are bound to tell ANYBODY what goes on then. Remind y'all of anybody? Like maybe Biggus Dickus's "energy commission"?

    As I said, never before has it been so blatantly obvious how much WEALTH = WORTH. The PSC only has to give a fuck about you if you're a BILLIONAIRE, or if you live in the Country Club of Louisiana.

    So yes, I'm back online for tonight, but with Ike headed this way, no telling for how long. Thank y'all so much for keeping in touch and keeping me from committing mass homicides. It ain't over, but wtf, I've got a/c for tonight. The kittehs are fine, grumpy, but fine, and I've gotta go to a funeral tomorrow (no, nobody I actually liked, long story) w/ teh F.U. Wheeee!

    Again, thanks for all of the help and the phone calls, and especially to Terrible, Dan & Tammy for all of the great books, 'cause they kept me from roaming the streets with a four-way tire-tool.

    Going to bed now. Will post as soon as I have the brain cells.

    BTW, CC, if you'd seen that hot young FEMA boy today, you WOULD be grateful if I'd shipped him to you as your new housepet. Boy was PURRRRDY. Then he had to see inside of my apartment, so so much for that idea. He even TOOK PICTURES. How much y'all wanna bet that they wind-up on the internet before the week's up?

    At any rate, don't kvetch when I'm offering to send you housepets, dammit. You would've enjoyed this one!

  26. 26. SeattleTammy Said:

    I take it, you have power and lights and A/C?

    Kewl! I’m so glad.

  27. 27. Terrible Said:

    I’m on board so long as we can make sure it doesn’t fade out before its job is done.

    cc, that’s the beauty of it! If it’s working right it should be getting charged as it’s working. ;-)

  28. 28. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:


    I do NOT need pictures like that in my head right now!!!!!!

    Jeebus Aych on a fucking CRACKER!

    Like it's not bad enough that my ice chest smells like rotting salmon & catfish, y'all gotta put pictures in my battered noggin. For shame.

    And yes, I've got a/c and power for now. They keep saying that Ike is going to kick Texas's ass and not ours, but I'm not holding my breath. Still not sure that we're actually ON the electric lines, we might be on those big generators for all I know, but I'll take what I can get. If Ike comes thisaway, I'll be gassing-up the GMC and heading for Amarillo!

    And if y'all see Jaye, tell her to pack up her step-ins, 'cause we gonna ROLL!

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