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Monday, beside the DNC

Posted by Realist on September 9, 2008 – 5:28 am

Until Annti gets out from under, I’ll start my posts about what I saw in Denver.

Now I should start by saying I didn’t participate in any demonstrations or attend any large events. The news emphasized the impossibility of getting around, parking, or just being downtown without a bunch of cops dressed up as SWAT staring at you, and in that respect they were right.

I waited until evening to beat the heat, and went to Cheesman Park for the Beautiful Protest and Rise gathering. There was an earlier PUMA PAC rally at the Park and there seemed to be three or four dozen people leftover from that, with t-shirts , balloons and placards. The usual folks from the park, walking dogs or strolling, came and went as it got dark.

The organizer, Dr. Saharra Bledsoe, put together a set of good speakers, reliable information about the damage done by the Democratic Party regarding the Texas Caucuses (including ready footage from the doc Audacity of Democracy), with mad-as-hell Texans come up to make their views known. Emotions were high, though not as high as when the PUMAs made the broadcasters at MSNBC nervous. I left before the candles were lit for Senator Clinton at 9:45, but I thanked Dr. Bledsoe for being there, and for staying strong.

If you’re read this far, thank you. I know if you’re a yellow-dog Dem there’s no reason to pay attention to a bunch of old, bitter hags who backed the wrong candidate… except that the party that was supposed to stand up for civil rights and equal rights profited from a barrage of sexism toward a legitimate presidential candidate… as its leaders did nothing. That the party that promised it would fight campaign irregularities in 2000 and 2004 turned a blind eye to caucuses being gamed, then after both sides took advantage of states playing chess with their primary dates, the DNC put the thumb down on one side of the scale… the side it wanted to win. There is such a thing as the loyal opposition, the people who will tell you the truth when it would be much easier to be silent, to play along with the rest of the group. PUMAs are part of that loyal group; some are most likely agents provocateurs, as are some of those rabid Obamacans that poisoned the A-list progressive blogs while calling Hillary a bitch for actually running her campaign to its natural conclusion. To hear a representative opinion, this is from the PUMA PAC website:

And, A heads-up to Republican interlopers: Puma PAC is a Democratic Party political action committee. We welcome all Democrats and Independents who want to be part of the Voice of the Voters in the Democratic Party. We will NOT be voting for Barack Obama on November 4th because we are PROTESTING the ELECTION. But that doesn’t suddenly make us Republicans. We are still pro-choice, pro-equal-rights for women, LGBT, and people of color, pro sex-ed and pro-science. We like gay marriage. We like labor unions a lot. We like hippies and anti-war protesters. We like immigrants — in fact many of our most passionate and effective members are gay, hippie, anti-war, legal, entrepreneurial immigrants (well, maybe not ALL in one, but pretty close). We want Universal Health Care for every single American. We want to raise taxes and close tax loopholes on the very rich and help the poor. We want to protect and help the old, the ill, and the vulnerable.

So, you know, it’s great if you’re a Republican — that’s excellent and all, but this site probably isn’t for you. And anyway, your work here is wasted. We’re not voting for Barack Obama. We didn’t need your help to get to this decision, and we don’t need you to hold our hands all the way to the voting booth on November 4th. In fact, it’s probably a bad idea — the more you reveal of your true political beliefs the more you will remind us why we are NOT and never have been Republicans. You’d probably be spending your time better trying to make the polar bears cry or writing love letters to Ann Coulter or something.

You’ll see on the web lots of people who say they are PUMAs who now declare they are full-steam-ahead for McCain and Palin. I am not one of them. I am grimly waiting for the triumphant articles from College Republican hacks who have spent this campaign insulting every person with a conscience and heart, eventually boast about pretending to be ugly old women, or black women (as if!), and creating blogs that spread the message that the Democratic Party has wanted success so badly that it has taken on the coloring of the GOP. Which would be a lie, except in the cases of the DLC, of Obama’s backers and advisers, of the DNC campaign strategy, of the jettisoning of the working-class base for younger and more glamorous cultural workers and tech gurus, it’s actually true.

PUMAs tried to warn about this, despite all the epithets toward Hillary and themselves. Now, when the GOP has done the impossible, and nurtured a Republican Dominionist woman so ready for the camera her campaign could be considered the most expensive reality show in the world, the DNC might learn too late what it has really lost: The best chance in a generation to show the American people what good government could do, in bad times.

I am a Democrat of the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party.
And I want my party back.

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  1. 1. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Good work, woman! Keep it up!

    I know that not everybody agrees with the PUMAs, and that’s their right, but I think that these women deserve to be heard.

    I think that NOT VOTING is bullshit, because “protesting” the election just means that they’re throwing away their right to participate (and yes, I know that the DNC took that right away, too), and too many women were bludgeoned, fire-hosed and otherwise tormented so that they’d HAVE that right, dammit.

    To me, not voting is worse than pissing your vote away on somebody like Nader (shaddup, CC, I ain’t talkin’ about you), because then you’re not even TRYING.

  2. 2. cgeye Said:

    Just a point: Most PUMAs, as I’ve read, are committed to voting downticket, as some theorize that only a strongly Democratic Congress with a Republican president will have the gumption to get anything done. Conversely, only a full Democratic Congress will keep the pressure on Obama to actually do what he’s promised.

    In any case, I’ve read few comments from people who are so disgusted with what happened at the primaries and convention that they’re not voting at all. That’s why some go for McCain — it only costs Obama one vote if a voter abstains, but two votes if a voter switches to McCain. Not my logic, but I’m in it for more and better Democrats, not the deep vengeance of siding with enemies to punish someone who should be a friend.

  3. 3. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    See? That’s my point. What kind of satisfaction can anybody get from helping the republicunts fuck this country even further into the ground???

    No, I’m not crazy about Barry, and I fucking LOATHE Biden, but they still beat that batshit-crazy militia bitch and her senile sugar-daddy.

  4. 4. cgeye Said:

    Revenge isn’t pretty, is it?

    Women who lived their political lives reasonably, who saw themselves as soccer moms, valuable members of the party, never expected to be cast out via humiliation and insults. But as Obama built a new constituency that used his cult of personality to surmount the image of dull campaigns waged by Carter, Mondale, Dukakis, Gore and Kerry, and to connect to his new base through conversion narratives, Clinton’s supporters started connecting to her without distance or objectivity — a wound to her ego became a wound to theirs. It was matching the creepy intensity Obama’s advance men encouraged in his followers, until it was all ‘your team sucks’.

    Except the winning team controls the fate of the earth.

    And no one has stepped back and asked why this election became all too personal and intense.

    I think it’s all the bodies we haven’t seen — from the War on Terra, from 9/11, from the people who now get asthma twice as much as other New Yorkers because they live near the WTC site, because we’re all going crazy in this place.

    PUMAs simply have leapt ahead of the pack. If other women insulted their candidate and called them dried up hags, well, why not let Roe v. Wade die? As one PUMA said, “I know how not to get pregnant”. The harsher world a McCain presidency would bring would seem to act as a deliberate punishment on a generation of women who act as if they don’t need feminism anymore. It is the most drastic act a voting bloc has ever done, to side with an enemy because they see Obama’s capture of the DNC as worse for progressive principles as a Republican president and a Democratic Congress, but there you go.

    Revenge is not pretty.
    But people choose it, all the same.

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