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Galveston, oh Galveston, I still hear your sea winds blowin’

Posted by Realist on September 18, 2008 – 5:45 am

UPDATE: Utility Fog sends more pictures.Well, crap. Dano just showed me this. Hurricane Ike Blackout: 1500 bodies found it Galveston?

Firedoglake reports in with Media Blackout as Ike Death Toll Rises. One site they link is a Ya Ya group, who has done astounding Google Earth coverage.

I think these links are safe for dial up. Anybody else hearing anything?

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  1. 1. Terrible Said:

    Holy Shit! That doesn’t look or sound good at all!

  2. 2. Mentis Fugit Said:

    Hurricane Ike Blackout: 1500 bodies found it Galveston?

    Fuck I hope not, but it is Galveston.

    (As far as coverups go, keeping the media out on the ground is message control in the grand tradition of the Soviet Union, but enforcing a no-fly zone actually makes some kind of sense.)

  3. 3. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Yeahhhh, but the couple of oooh-rah cheerleaders over at Political Carnival, trying to get all pseudo-”military” and “explain” why no media are being allowed into a “no fly zone” (which actually DOESN’T explain why nobody is being allowed in, on-ground, by sea OR air) have got my hackles up. Sound like gubmint employees to me, and not in a good way.

    This shit is a fucking nightmare. Oh, sure, it’s fine to commit genocide on poor black people, but this nation is going to go APESHIT when the actual death tolls out of Galveston County come out, and they’re MOSTLY CAUCASIANS.

    I told y’all then, Katrina was just the practice run. If there’d been any billionaires on the island, there wouldn’t be half that many bodies. And while I understand the physics of bodies popping-up out of graves during a flood, and I haven’t been to Galveston, if their elevation is anything like New Orleans, those graves should’ve been ABOVE-GROUND, either in crypts or mausoleums. Precisely to prevent them from “popping up like corks,” as one PC commenter said.

    If they’ve got bodies in trees, those people probably climbed those trees to escape the storm surge, they didn’t just get “swept” there by the water.

    I wouldn’t have suspected foul play in this case, if it weren’t for the media blackout. Any time that the cover-up begins before the actual rescue work, YOU KNOW THAT THEY FUCKING MURDERED PEOPLE. And in this case, they won’t be able to call them all “lazy welfare queens” for not evacuating.

    At any rate, thanks for working on this, Tammy, ’cause I hadn’t heard a friggin’ PEEP after the self-congratulatory bullshit from FEMA about how many people that they’re “helping” with MREs and ice. But then, we know better by now than to rely upon the so-called “media” whores anymore… Journalism is a lost art.

    Did find some good links over at Carnival, though: Douchebags who do nothing but illegally dump human remains granted Katrina contract to “handle” the bodies of victims:

    Facing South: NOAA reports at least 40 toxic spills in Ike’s wake:

    The Sunshine Project: Biodefense Blackout:

    More of the same, only worse. Our lives mean nothing to them, we’re not even “human” to them unless our net worth involves six or seven zeroes behind it. I’m all for thinning the herd, but I’d be starting with THEM, teh republicunt mercenaries who think nothing of killing thousands of US.

  4. 4. CC McGoon Said:

    This rumor made its way to my ears yesterday. I want to believe that the death count is low, but I have to admit that seeing the pics and knowing that a lot of people chose to stay behind, I am a bit suspicious that we’re not being told the whole truth. The media lock-out certainly rings some alarm bells.

    Here are some before and after pics of the Bolivar Peninsula:

  5. 5. CC McGoon Said:

    Annti, I’m happy you brought up the toxic spills. I also heard that yesterday, but couldn’t find any links to back it up. It wouldn’t surprise me if the powers that be are trying to hide that from us as well. Hell, there are still assholes who claim that there were no oil spills during Katrina, but I’ve seen the pics that prove that wrong.

    Think Progress has a video of an interview with Guvnah GoodHair, who has decided that “I don’t know” is the best answer he can come up with regarding the media lock-out:

  6. 6. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Oh yeah, “not one drop,” those smug pricks crowed. Yeah, go try the tap water in St. Bernard Parish.

    I don’t even want to IMAGINE how much toxic waste is out there now, ’cause it’s gonna be a major clusterfuck, and they won’t even BEGIN to ACTUALLY clean that shit up, believe you me. This shit is going to make the Valdez look like an “oopsie.”

  7. 7. lokywoky Said:

    I just heard over on FDL that an Austin firefighter who had returned from Galveston said when his team was finally able to get over there there was literally ‘nothing left’. It is probably safe to assume that any and all people who stayed behind are now ‘missing and presumed dead’.

    That number could reach as high as 35,000. (Someone else said that – not me.)

    That’s why the media blackout – the Rethugs are all jumping around and claiming they did such a good job evacuating and providing MREs and ice. NOT.

    I am just sick.

  8. 8. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Well, Jaye just sent me a link to a Houston TV station’s site, so vet it for “truthiness” yerselves. Jaye is an infallible source, that judge sounds awfully damned fishy.

    Has anyone seen anything more definitive? The minimalization has my hackles up, I don’t trust it.

    No, it’s not “the same” as Katrina, but by the time it all shakes out (well, however much Rove, Gubnah GoodHair, teh Bushes et al ALLOW to shake out), it could be damned close.

  9. 9. lokywoky Said:

    Hurricane Ike was a kinky one. Apparently the data back from when it made landfall was that it was 725 miles across, and while the windspeed made it a Cat 2, the barometric pressure in the eye was that of a Cat 4. That probably explains why it was pushing such a big surge (over 25 feet). And moving so slow (only 4 mph).

    I think NOAA needs to figure out a new way of categorizing these storms. The wind drops just when they hit land, so they downgrade the Category. Then everyong thinks they are safe and don’t leave. They need a new category that takes into account the size across, the eye pressure, the speed of movement, the wind speed, and an estimate of the storm surge. This one should have been a Cat 4.-something because of the surge and the eye pressure.

    Anyway, I see that the wind is still blowing 100 mph in Ohio and all the people up there are crying the blues because the power was out for 12 whole hours. 12 people are dead. Poster was fussing because the FCM was barely covering it.

    Wait until it percolates out about how many dead people are in Galveston…

  10. 10. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    That’s the thing. The media in Houston are saying that there’s NOTHING out there, no bodies in trees, no bodies anywhere. So was the initial report just hype, or are they getting better at disposing of the evidence?

    And why aren’t we hearing more from the families of the missing and/or presumed dead? Where’s the ruckus they ought to be raising, or are all of them dead too?

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