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Is There Some Law I Don’t Know About

Posted by Realist on October 22, 2008 – 10:22 pm

that makes it illegal to allow the masses to have decent photos on their ID/DL’s? Because I just received mine in the mail today only to find that I look like I tried to treat a bad sunburn with a vigorous sandpapering.

The one it’s replacing isn’t much better. I had a string of hair across my forehead that, as my dad put it so well, “makes you look like you have a birth defect.” He wasn’t lying. I figured I couldn’t do much worse than that one until today.

And don’t EVEN get me started on my passport photo. Let’s just say that “criminally insane” is the best compliment I can ever hope to get from that pic.

I just want to look like my normal everyday self. Is that asking too much?

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  1. 1. ImStillMags Said:

    I dare you to post that pic……don’t worry, if it really doesn’t look like you, nobody will know!!!!

    Seriously, though, I hear you. My last drivers license pic I looked like I’ve been on a drunk for a month.

  2. 2. CC McGoon Said:

    I dare you to post that pic

    Hell to the no! It’d probably break your monitor anyways, so you should thank me for keeping it to myself.

  3. 3. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Heh heh heh… bawk bawk bak-kawk!!!

    But seriously… They know how you vote, so when you’re disappeared into a black Halliburton van, that’s the picture that they’ll use when they describe you as an Abbie-Hoffman-wannabe-“wingnut.”

    I’m so glad that the DMV chick up here is scared of me, I always get relatively realistic pictures. Not flattering, but at least they’ll actually resemble the body when teh rednecks throw me into the river.

  4. 4. SeattleTammy Said:

    Naw, bad ID photos mean the clerks in the stores check and then say “Wow! You’re looking GREAT today!” It’s a real pick-me-up, trust me.

  5. 5. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    The only time that I ever enjoyed being carded was @ H.O.B./NOLA, by THE prettiest nubian bouncer that I’ve ever seen there. I was with people 5-6 years younger than me, so it did wonders for my ego.

    And teh clerks NEVER say shit like that to me. They usually start bitching about how hard THEIR days have been, and I’m supposed to provide set-ups and punchlines for their monologues. But they NEVER check my DL, the heifers…

  6. 6. Terrible Said:

    hahahahaha I LOVE being in the only state that still allows drivers licenses without a photo. I may rebel when they try to make photos mandatory.

  7. 7. CC McGoon Said:

    Rest assured, Terrible, that when Vermont does start requiring photos they’ll take a pic of you that will make you hope you never get the compliment of being ID’d.

  8. 8. Terrible Said:

    I’ve had the photo one before for some damn reason and yeah it wasn’t exactly flattering. But it wasn’t too too bad from what I remember.

  9. 9. mirele Said:

    I had a great DL picture, but one of the numbers on my DL got cut off. So I had to get it retaken. Of course it came out sucky.

  10. 10. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    What’s sad is when your photo turns out GOOD, and people look at your everyday face and say, “HOW OLD IS THIS PICTURE?!??!?!”

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