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110410:  Storage Unit Entry #1:  The e-mail that I *should* send to the Fallen Uterus, but don’t know WHEN I should send it:


There’s no justice in THIS man being arrested or in jail, but at least no one held HIM back or punished HIM all of his fucking life, every single day, for trying to GET justice against the motherfucker who stole HIS life, let alone stole it TWICE. Actually, THIS guy did it FOR HIMSELF AND HIS LITTLE BROTHER, because in SOME “families,” the youngest kids aren’t HUMAN TARGETS, at least not to their REAL SIBLINGS. That fucking “priest” raped OVER A DOZEN CHILDREN, including his own SISTER, and IS LIVING IN A FUCKING NICE CATHLICK RETIREMENT HOME, NOT A PRISON. I guess that protecting the perpetrators isn’t solely a cathlick or protestant or pretending-to-be-christian fetish… And even after the “brutal” (not brutal ENOUGH!) payback attack, the nasty old fucker DROVE HIMSELF TO THE HOSPITAL.  Doesn’t sound like Will hit him HARD ENOUGH.

A guy who’d repeatedly tried to kill himself because of the nightmares and flashbacks of being raped & molested & abused…  gee, that sounds familiar, doesn’t it…

Quoth a shrink in the article:  “He’s probably thinking, ‘You’re living your life and here I am a failure and all because of what you did to me on that day.’

I wonder if Will has/had/will have autism, too…  ADVANCING autism, yet…

One other quote:  “Most of Lindner’s family severed contact with him years ago after discovering he had molested his nieces and nephews…  “ And yet, with your offspring, it is the rapist/serial-dog-murderer who gets all praise and worship, and I, the only aunt or uncle who ever did a fucking THING for any of them, am “satan” now.  Hope that they’re enjoying the hypocrisy as much as my heart aches from their lies and backstabbing and the lies that they’re drilling into their childrens’ brains.

WAIT, one last quote,
gotta share this, because it’s how OTHER parents react when they learn that someone is molesting their child, even if it’s the cold leftover that nobody wanted, by Chester The Molester’s brother:  “The last contact I had with him personally was the day after I caught him with my daughter and I told him he best get in his vehicle and leave,” he recalled. “I said, ‘If I go out to the truck and get my off-duty weapon out of the glove box, you’re a dead man.”


That’s it, kids.  Whattaya think?

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