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As of about 3:30 this afternoon

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I’m getting bounce notices on anything (post notifications, comment notifications) sent to Annti’s Bellsouth mailbox – the notices say it’s been suspended. Might want to use an alternate method if you need to contact her, because it doesn’t look like e-mail is going through.

Ever been run over by a Mack truck?

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I HAVE!!!!!!


And Dr. JOLLY (I shit y’all not, that’s the pussy-assed “doctor” drug-dealer’s name!!!) OWES ME FIFTEEN DOLLARS IN WASTED FUCKING GASOLINE FOR AN UTTERLY POINTLESS FUCKING APPOINTMENT THAT DID ME ***NO*** FUCKING GOOD, as I STILL have to go through the circle-jerk fuck-over of EVEN MORE WEEKS WITHOUT THE PAIN MEDS THAT I NEED TO FUCKING GET UP AND FUCKING FUNCTION, as well as, y’know, being able to LIE IN A FUCKING BED whilst awaiting the gracious gift of suburbanite nouveau-riche trailer-trash allowing me to go to their strip-mall offices to TRY and get my fucking MEDS until I can find the neurosurgeon who can FINALLY END MY FUCKING SUFFERING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. JOLLY also owes me two solid-steel GMC pickup bumpers, an a/c system (might as well get SOMETHING out of this much pain!!!), a fucking DECADE OFF OF MY LIFE, and the opportunity to INFLICT THE POINTLESS, UNFAIR AND SADISTIC PAIN UPON HIS DELICATE GINGER-BROWN ASS THAT IS CURRENTLY BEING VISITED UPON EVERYTHING BUT MY FUCKING HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And yes, of course, the hoopty rusty vomit-green Mack short-bed dumptruck HIT-AND-RAN, and as he did NOT have the LEGALLY REQUIRED front license plate, I didn’t even get his fucking tag #s, and the relatively polite & efficient State Trooper (granted, compared to Jefferson Parish S.O. deputies and NOPD, a fucking BANANA SLUG is EFFICIENT and COMPASSIONATE!!!!) couldn’t tell me a fucking THING to do about CATCHING THAT SCUMBAG MOTHERFUCKER WHO SHOVED MY STOCK-STILL, FOOT-ON-BRAKES TRUCK INTO THE SHINY NEW RENTAL CAR WHOSE FIBERGLAS FUCKING FRAME WAS BARELY FUCKING SCRATCHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If there were ANY justice in the universe, the chickenshit jack-leg, most likely UNLICENSED gravel-hauler would have fucking KILLED me in ONE FELL FUCKING SWOOP, rather than subjecting me to illiterate fucking SKANKS @ the world’s shittiest Walgreen’s (the loss of K&B Drugs & Store-Brand Liquor ain’t the only pre-K casualty that further reduced the quality of life in NOLA), racist, ignorant, BARELY-PUBESCENT CHILDREN WHO HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO THAN FUCK UP MY LIFE (I got the LAST BITCH FIRED, so it ain’t looking good for Little Miss PUNKY-COLORS who DELIBERATELY mispronounces my name, REPEATEDLY)I was nearly fucking KILLED by a literal fucking MACK FUCKING TRUCK, and the stupid twunt and the drunkard of a “pharmacist” cannot wrap their tiny little brains around the concept of TULANE’S EMERGENCY ROOM AND EMERGENCY PAIN & MUSCLE-RELAXER SCRIPTS FOR THE BITCH WHO’S DRIVING-UP WITH AN ICEPACK STRAPPED AROUND HER NECK AND HORRID STREAKS OF SIX HOURS OF AGONY-INDUCED TEARS CARVED INTO HER EMACIATED FACE!!!!!!

I need a new pharmacy, a time machine to go back to when New Orleans was still fucking CIVILIZED and pretty damned near CULTURED, the nearly-impossible-to-find-or-attain concept of CONTINUITY OF CARE, a MATURE, FULLY-QUALIFIED, OVER-26-AGED DRUG-DEALER “PAIN-MANAGEMENT” ACTUAL ***DOCTOR*** until the neurosurgeons can FINALLY, ONCE AND FOR FUCKING ALL, PERMANENTLY ******FIX****** MY OFT-BROKEN LUMBAR AND CERVICAL/NECK SPINE so that I NEVER, ***EVER***, EVER HAVE TO TAKE THESE POISONOUS FUCKING DRUGS EVER THE FUCK AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I want to live in an NOPD district (I.E., NOT the FIFTH!!!!!!) where the male-menopause-tight-uniforms-and-gay-gym-glove-attired cops actually fucking SHOW ***UP*** WHEN I HAVE TO CALL ***911***, when I NEVER call, except when DRUG-DEALING GANGS ARE BREAKING-INTO MY APARTMENT while I happen to be HOME, or when I’m being PHYSICALLY-ASSAULTED BY SEVEN DISEASED, SCHIZOPHRENIC, CRACKED-OUT PSYCHOTIC FUCKING HOOKERS IN MY OWN FUCKING ****DRIVEWAY****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rather than, y’know, some old prig in GRANNY GLASSES, REFUSING ME A FUCKING AMBULANCE ***OR*** A POLICE REPORT BECAUSE OF THE FUCKING MULTIPLE ASSAULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I quote:  I’ll be keeping an EVE on The Situation, and  THEN I’ll decide WHO GETS TO PRESS ***CHARGES***!!!”

As per the usual, I shit y’all not.  5th doesn’t show up unless there’s already a cold body or a well-paying detail gig @ Winn-Dixie where they can attempt to assert their so-called “manhood” by DELIBERATELY AND CHILDISHLY ABUSING & DISRESPECTING A DISABLED CUSTOMER B/C HE WON’T GET OFF OF HIS ASS AND WRITE A SINGLE TICKET FOR THE MULTIPLE scumbags parked in MY fucking HANDICAPPED SPACES.  THAT little darling’s name was “W. GANT,” though I didn’t get his badge number.  Do I fear retribution from the biggest southern mafia since Carlos Marcella died? Nope.  They might disappear me into O.P.P., but if they killed me, SOMEBODY might draw attention to it.  And hell yes, I’ve still got the license plate #s on the lowlife breeder scum who teach their spawn to FUCK THE CRIPPLES, ESPECIALLY THE POOR CRIPPLES, BY STEALING THEIR STATE-MANDATED PARKING SPACES, YES, ESPECIALLY ON “PRIVATE PROPERTY”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If y’all loved me just a little bit more, one of y’all would come put me out of my misery.  If a horse or dog or cat or mongoose or pet rat or turtle were in THIS much DAILY harassment (by the psycho-cunt lesbian-crushing STALKER “manager” of this Chinese-sheetrock SHIT-HOLE!!!!  — AND — BY THE RACIST, LAW-BREAKING, HATE-MONGERING, GOSSIP-WHORE SOCIOPATH ALLEGED “SOCIAL WORKER” WHOSE LIFE MISSION IS TO DENY ME FEDERALLY-SUBSIDIZED HOUSING BECAUSE MY SKIN IS THE WRONG COLOR.  Dumb bitch KNOWS that I’m FOUR PARTS AMERICAN INDIAN, INCLUDING ONE BIG PART OF REDBONE (look it up, Yankees), and yet my APPEARANCE and refusal to eat her out or kiss her ass or whatever in the FUCK that racist sociopath WANTS  —  means, like the queeny little fella @ the LYING, THIEVING, RACIST APARTMENTS ON ST. ANTHONY STREET, WHERE I ***WANTED*** TO LIVE!!!! —  that I don’t fucking deserveto live in FEDERALLY-SUBSIDIZED AND NO-BID-CONTRACTOR-RUN SHIT-HOLES LIKE THIS.—  if ANY animal were in this much pain, with this suddenly-raised blood pressure, were being INTENTIONALLY AND METHODICALLY TORTURED BY UTTER SERIAL-KILLER-WANNABE PSYCHO-CUNTS, wouldn’t SOMEBODY put that poor animal OUT OF ITS MISERY AND LET IT CROSS THAT ALLEGED RAINBOW BRIDGE?!?!?!?!?!?

I deserve a fair shot at a life, dammit.  I deserve to not be raped & enslaved for almost 12 years & given-away @ age 2 by my stoned-off-her-ass-on-psychotropics “mother”;  I deserve to keep my whole brain, instead of having my brakes cut @ age 15 and losing all of my science & math to an illiterate flunky, mouth-breathing, inbred, child-rapist, no-neck piece of shit LOSER;  I deserve not to be nearly clobbered-to-death by an even-MORE-illiterate 9th Ward lowlife closet-case, all of the above consigning me to the liberal arts, which while easy to ACCOMPLISH, means I’ll NEVER get a PAYING GIG or a PUBLISHER because MY DADDY WASN’T AT RANDOM HOUSE AND I WASN’T SPAWNED BY SOCIETY-CONNECTED BIRTHERS AND WITH MY OWN FUCKING TRUST FUND, like 99.9% of the books on today’s market, except “Better Living Through Bad Movies,” self-published and ragingly successful hilarious opus by S.Z. Zollinger and Scott Clevenger, two of my most dearly-beloved buds.  The sequel will be out by winter-solstice-stolen-by-teh-papists CONSUMER-ORGY SEASON, hopefully, so get to World O’Crap and reserve YOUR copy of BLTBM2!!!!!!

Lastly, mega thanks to a kind young feller named Ryan, who pulled off the road with his wife, toddler daughter and ankle-biter little son, JUST TO HELP ME PRY MY FRONT FENDER OUT OF THE TREADS OF MY FAR-TOO-WORN BRIDGESTONE TIRE.  Not many people raise their kids right anymore, and I told him to tell his wife and his parents that they did a damned good job. Yeah, 99.9% of spawn under 30 deserve a year in the hot box (PRISON lingo, not PORNO!!!) and a gauntlet of baseball bats spiked with ten-penny nails, ESPECIALLY the drug-dealing, windchime-destroying, utterly-hyena-raised street “urchins” in THIS neighborhood. But Ryan, bless his cheaply-tattooed heart, is one of those rare exceptions that make me not fear for the future of the universe QUITE so much, like the spawn of my rare breeder friends, and y’all know who you are, ’cause y’all have the only under-30 critters aside from my dearly-adored surrogate-daughter Candice that I actually LIKE.

But I still want somebody to hire a hit-man or hit-woman to put me outta my misery, ’cause I simply can.  not.  take.  this.  level.  of.  pain.  ANY.  fucking.  MORE.  I have no way or ideas on how to PROPERLY off myself, seeing as how I stopped my always-failed attempts in 1997 and have never owned a firearm (’cause, as we know, I’d use it…  IN TRAFFIC.  Today, as that dumptruck squealed-out away from the wreck, it woulda come in DAMNED HANDY, though…).  Please.  Then y’all will never have to hear me whine about being permanently broke, toofless, in pain, tortured, missing my Bubbe-Boy cat, my murdered Nephew, my malpractice-murdered Nannie, or my similarly-slaughtered Papa.  Yeah, when I crave certain foods, or have a rare nostalgic moment, I kinda miss Teh Dick, too, but I usually recover.

Y’all will never have to listen to me bitch EVER.  THE.  FUCK.  AGAIN.

And the kind-hearted mercy-killer will also get my TV, my beat-down pickup, and whatever vinyl that I’ve got left that isn’t played-grooveless and that I either couldn’t or wouldn’t sell when scumbags on Decatur Street were ROBBING me of one HELLUVA classic-vinyl collection.  George Carlin, all the best bands & Aretha Franklin & Sabbath & Clapton would never forgive me, but it’s been a long time since they’ve been that broke.  If anybody was buying silver jewelry, I’d have at least $30 by now, almost enough to buy cigarettes and/or medicine.

Love y’all.  Love me back, please.  With one sharp blow to the back of the skull with a claw hammer.


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DO. NOT. EVER.    FUCKING.    SET.    FOOT.    OR.









E-mail addresses of recent “user” registrations to follow.  Undoubtedly all empty/dead/non-existant, but who gives a fuck, FUCK ‘EM SIDEWAYS WITH A RUSTY, SYPHILIS-COATED BASS-ACKWARDS FUCKING DIESEL-POWERED FUCKING ***CHAINSAW***!!!!!! / Whois :

Username: MaryBenton26  E-mail:  / Whois  :  / Whois  :  / Whois  :

Author : AlbertUrsula (IP: ,
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Username: Nancy24Pace

Username: hedinyaleterulu
Author : STEELE19Irene (IP: ,
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E-mail :
Whois  :

THESE lowlife scumsuckers are but a SMALL SAMPLE of the daily inundation by spam-whores, trying to sucker us into so-called “student loans,” new “mortgages,” pecker enlargement (NOPE, not providing a link, ya perverts!!!), “dating websites,” (can  you say mail-order hookers?), pirated theses & term papers, last year’s tests, SAT & ACT “keys”, and other obviously-BULLSHIT documents that were quite apparently pounded-out by bitter tweenagers in Chinese, Laotian, Vietnamese, Bulgarian, African, and SERBIAN sweatshops.  Y’all are all very welcome, as patrolling the comments is something that the wunnerful WordPress helps me to keep-up with on a daily basis, thanks, as always, to the irrascible and invaluable help of our now-abstaining Realist.  Somehow, I doubt that he misses having to deal with these leeches on the pilanoidal cysts on the ass of humanity, but hell, it gives me something to do whilst trying not to eat/need medicine/etc. other items that cost MONEY.  Nighty-night all, and spam whores?


Life sucks and then you die.

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Just never soon enough to not die BROKE.  Nope, still not dead, the sarcoid is taking far longer than I had hoped, dammitall.  But yep, still fucking broke.  Spent all of my birfday prezzie money (major major thanks to Redcane, and, oh, yeah, Andy too) keeping the lights on, so I’m caught-up on THOSE evil fuckers AND the twunts @ American Terrorism & Thievery.

It’s the getting through the rest of the month on $20.00 that’s a bitch.

So, once again, I rattle the fucking tambourine, without even entertaining y’all with a Swaggartesque breakdown/whorehouse-piano solo.  I know, total ripoff, definitely not giving anybody their entertainment dollar’s worth.  Think of it as charity work for which you won’t get a tax cut.

And nope, still in no shape to leap back into the feral-cat-wrangling clusterfuck anytime soon.  Cross yer collective fingers that things go well with the neurosurgeon tomorrow, ’cause I’ve been without pain meds for FOUR FUCKING DAYS thus far.  Not pretty.

October Birfdays, 10 days late and several trillion $$$ short…

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Yeah, I know, I suck.  It’s been one of the shittier months of my entire wasted 41 years, so y’all don’t have to bitch me out, I’m already in HELL!!!!!!

Annnnndddd, on THAT loverly note, here goes teh belated birfdays, along with a caveat and a fantasy…  the caveat is BOYCOTT SEPTIC FUCKING *POPEYE’S* BECAUSE THEY SELL **RANCID** CHICKEN!!!!!! —  and the fantasy is of someday owning a MAARTI portable microwave-broadcast unit, so that I can sit here in my apartment to the left of Satan’s hemorrhoid and melt the circuitry of every single bass tube and car “stereo” in the vicinity of here.  Hey, a woman can dream, right??!?!

October 1st was our dearly-beloved Maria of Maumee, one of the biggest-hearted, knock-down, drag-out hilarious broads to ever grace this earth.  May the universe be a helluva lot kinder to her and her sister, ’cause they’ve been through some SHIT.

October 9th was the equally-beloved Dan of Dan & Tammy bookstore fame, a truly good dood if ever there was one.  I hope to hell that he drank one for me and carved-out a big hunka Amazon’s ass while he was at it!!!

October 16th is Miriam, the ex-roommate from UNO who has been holding my Godzilla doll HOSTAGE for THIRTEEN FUCKING YEARS, THE UNREPENTANT HUSSY!!!!!!  May she finally start to look her AGE, dammit!!!

October 23rd is Cynthia, one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in pursuit of housing, and hopefully someday she’ll help me escape THIS fucking HELLHOLE!!!!!! And yeah, a  year of peace & joy & a winning lottery number, all that rot.  For her, too.

October 25th is our magnanimous & resplendently obscene Democommie, a man brave enough to survive winter in fucking OSWEGO, for fuck’s sake!  —  and who can also castigate every lowlife republicunt back to their first ancestor to slither out of the primordial ooze.  I wish him a lifetime supply of heating oil, a carful of hookers, and much lower blood pressure.

Lastly, but hardly leastly, on October 27th, we have the adorable & delightfully-evil Scott of World O’Crap fame.  May he sell a screenplay to one of those blockbuster-idiot-director types, and also sell one to Martin Scorcese, and soon!!!

Yeah, yeah, I’m going to be officially fucking ancient tomorrow @ 12:12P, but that’s hardly something to git nekkid and holler about.  Wheeee, I’m officially antique.  How thrilling.  Anybody besides me ever been in need of a PESSARY?!?!?!  Yeah, yaaaayyyyy AGING!!!  Whoopeeee!!!  My guts are falling out, the ones that aren’t trying to KILL ME.  Pull me up a chair.  What do I want for MY birfday??? A HALLOWEEN COSTUME!!!!!! And a small-caliber rocket-launcher.

There can be only one…

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I dunno what WordPress’s problem is with pictures AND text, but let’s try it ONE MORE TIME…

There will never be another like him.

Bubbe-Boy Beattie, 4-97 – 9-26-11

Fuckin’ A, Bob.

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I have tried to shield myself from the infuriating exploitation of this anniversary, reading Wikipedia articles if I have to, learning why September 11th was an important date in the history/decline of the Ottoman Empire, whether I was looking for it or not.  Went in with a query about “The Madness Of King George,” (entertaining, but I never forgot what a genocidal/spoiled-fucking-near-HAPSBURG *BRAT* that he was, before during & after his illness) and wound-up tit-deep in Huns/Goths/Vandals/Germanic/Austrian  sociopaths b/c of Queen-Consort Charlotte.  Since RenB has gone quiet on his blog for the past week and not answering e-mail again, it was probably a subconscious missing of HIM that got me interested in those dilettantes.

But somebody @ Sony/Infinity/CBS/Columbia/etc. knew how to capitalize on the innate New Yorkisnessthat Robert DeNiro exudes on a daily basis, and actually allowed him to vent A NEW YORKER’S PERSPECTIVE on how the first-responders were treated, abandoned, and ignored by the now-gone gubmental scum who told them that the site had “GOOD AIR QUALITY,” and that they were “IN NO DANGER” (Fuck you, Stern, for endorsing Christie Todd Whitman.  Yup, I remember that, too.), without once using the word I,” or saying any of it himself, in just letting the men of Engine 7, Ladder 1, 7 blocks away from the WTC, say it in their own ways.  EXACTLY THEIR OWN WAYS, then AND now. Unfortunately, I missed the first 9/11 film that DeNiro did, but reuniting with these same firemen who were, for good or ill, being filmed by a small documentary team when the planes hit, this I didn’t want to miss, no matter what I can deal with right now or not.  I don’t know that having it on film has helped those particular firefighters or not, but it had to help, to have them release their truth, and focus their anger on the gubmental corporate whores who fucked most of them out of the rest of their lives.  (Gotta keep protecting Darth Cheney from fucking LIABILITY, yeah?!?!  After all, those 343 firemen’s lives might COST HIM SOME FUCKING *MONEY*!!!!!!) Here’s hoping that no other first-responders in this country should EVER have to endure what the first-responders in NYC, the Pentagon, and Shanksville, PA saw, experienced, suffered and/or died from.

None of us will ever forget where we were, what we felt, or what we did when the news came in that morning, obscenely early time for ME to be up in the daytime, thanks to my door-to-door CRACK WHORES ringing every fucking doorbell on my BLOCK with that “I just need to borrow $28 to get my PRESCRIPTIONS from ‘Walgreen’s'” bullshit.. Didn’t get back to sleep, went back to the “office” of what wouldn’t long be “my” house, turned on the ol’ p.o.s. computer & the radio to the local “rock” station, possibly broadcasting Stern, a little fuzzy on it tonight.  Then a boy whom I fucking RAISED in radio, made his first demo for him in an ALL-ANALOG “PRODUCTION” (my ass!!!) studio IN METAIRIE/HELL, and taught him how to do EVERYTHING, including bladeless cuts in editing  —  suddenly, he and his buddy the dork cut-in on whatever was on that morning (really have blocked that part out, but I was also hung-over and pissed-off right then  —  and still pissed about the earlybirfday-gifted Aerosmith ticket that I got, ’cause the “handicapped seating SUXXORED and SO DID THEIR 45-MINUTE FUCKING CAR COMMERCIAL AS THE “INTERMISSION”!!!) and simply, calmly, sounding a little scared-shitless, told us that “some little plane” had accidentally hit the WTC.  Dunno if it came down the live WXRK feed or what, but they were the first ones to have it on any media in New Orleans.  And I was right proud of ‘em, too, especially said dork, because they handled it like grownups, not like the racist nut-jobs who used it as an excuse to profit off of racism & blind hatred every day SINCE.

Actually, seeing the restraint in DeNiro’s face as he did the segues on the live broadcast part (dunno why he doesn’t appear on the DVDs, probably doesn’t matter, look at what he BUILT here.) was very comforting, much unlike the segue from the non-freaking-out-yet calmness of those two boys on the radio to the extrapolating, conjecturing, fear-mongering bullshit on the TV.  That was when I lost all respect I’d ever had, since I was a kid, for Peter whatsisface-turned-republicunt-CITIZEN-SUDDENLY-male-menopause-knows-no-bounds on ABC.  At first I was surprised and touched, as he wasn’t a citizen, still a Canadian, always so eloquent & smirky on the order of Roger Moore, and actually sounded human at first.  Then he lost his shit and his credibility. to me at least.  He was hardly the worst, by far, we all know who THAT has been, and his flying monkeys…

Sending love, support & whatever else I’ve got left to give, which ain’t much, to all who lost loved ones because of oil greed and dick-waving hegemony. Especially the survivors and the first-responders, who have to fight to live out their lives, never forgetting, probably dying of multiple cancers, thank you very fucking much Bushistas.

And as much as I hate to applaud teh rednecks from near whence I came, big props, even today, to Ferrara Fire Equipment, for donating, I think, the first gifted fire truck/ladder & hose rig to the NYFD.  Probably the only good thing to come outta that parish.  Ever.

Lastly, I wanted to give everybody a heads-up on my current status:  about to be cut-off by Bellsucks/American Thievery & Terrorism (AT&T).  I’m 3 months behind on the bill and then some, so my ISP has been cutting-out on me already, and I have no long-distance most of the time.  Not using THIS to beg alms or otherwise pander, not tonight or anytime soon, but y’all know how much I’ve been fucking ROBBED BLIND, ABUSED & FUCKED-OVER by these “real-estate” (if trucked-in fake SAND counts as real estate!) lowlifes and their flying monkeys, including when I was LAST almost-killed by the drug-dealing “doctor” juvenile delinquent whom I hope to sue soon.  Many long, unbelievably horror stories, but for another time.  Just wanted y’all to know that I’m not disappearing anytime soon, whether I can get to y’all or not.  Love to all.

September birfdays!!!

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Today, September 5th, we celebrate the natal holiday of our dearly-beloved D. Sidhe of blogging & Wo’C commenting fame, as well as being the baddest origami-crane-folding woman on or off the books!  She not only accomplishes remarkable things, she does it whilst protecting us all from the “I Eat Your Skin!”-style zombies that are out there.  Believe me, THEY’RE OUT THERE. If you’re not seeing them yourself, it’s ’cause D. has already disposed of the crusty fuckers.

And just to prove that some of our greatest minds popped-in on us during September, the inimitable S.Z. of World O’Crap creation fame, an animal rescuer of envious proportions and a generally all-around wicked-cool/cast-iron-stomach-for-fucktards kinda broad was born/created in a CIA lab on September 12th. My life would definitely have never been the same if I hadn’t found Wo’C and hadn’t been fortunate enough to be befriended by S.Z. She is one severely bad-assed woman, with a heart the size of Rick Perry’s giant, inflatable, Aqua-Net-shellacked  head.

I know that some months, I seem to be investing severely less effort into the birfday posts than others, and I hope that nobody ever feels slighted, ’cause that’s sure as hell not how these posts are intended.  It’s just a demonstration of what an inferior blogger that I am, because I can’t maintain reliable writing levels or blogging quantity.  So, on we go…  And no, I didn’t mention this in order to make other people’s birfdays about ME, so shaddup.

Annnd, on the 15th, my almost-kinda-surrogate daughter, Candice dayummnn, I need a drink to say this!  — TURNS TWENTY. I shit y’all not. She adopted me back in 7th grade, and even though we’re lucky if we get to be in the same state every couple of years, we generally keep in touch, when her cell is on.  Dunno who I’d be if I hadn’t met this one, either. Nope, never wanted offspring, but this one just wouldn’t turn loose.  If she’d listen to my advice on dating once in a while, seeing as how I’ve made every stoopid mistake known to humankind before I retired!!!  — I’d have fewer grey hairs, but at least she’s with a nice boy now. One of the most talented artists I’ve ever known, maybe SHE will actually finally draw me the ideal for the 6-years-late tat for Tater that SOMEONE in LawnGuyland was s’posed to do BACK WHEN I HAD THE MONEY TO GET THE TATTOO…  Who, me? Carpy? Not a’tall.  Anyway, she’s good people, and I’m lucky to know her, even though she insists on continuing to grow up and making me feel older than Jeebus.  And fuck no, none of you dirty ol’ men OR women are getting her e-mail address, so shaddup now.

Continuing, our dearly-beloved Antoinette of super-secret-gubmint-work fame, has her birfday on the 16th, even though I know that in her humongous heart and her dirty mind, she will NEVER age, the heifer! Wish that she had a blog or somethin’ to link to, but she’s pretty damned impressive all on her own.  Happy happy joy joy, honey!!!!!!

Dayumn, September is packed… lotta folk conceived on New Year’s Eve, eh? Where were we? Ahhh, yes  —  on the 21st & 30th, our mysteriously-never-returned-from-the-silver-anniversary-holiday tech genius Mentis has two brilliant kids who are damned impressive themselves.  Sending love to New Zealand for both of ‘em!

And lastly for September, on the 30th, the inimitable, lovably-crotchety, ornery-and-big-hearted-as-all-get-out Jobsanger gets one step closer to…  I dunno how to finish that sentence with a punchline or pun, as Jobsanger reached the “don’t even give a tiny little bug-fuck” age back when he was in diapers, and is utterly unflappable. One of the bestest peoples in Texas, a badassed take-no-prisoners librul who dares to reside in & raise hell in Teh Panhandle, a hotbed of inbred rednecks, and one funny-as-hell motherfucker in his own right, Jobsanger is yet another person that I am damned thankful to have met and been befriended by, if that’s not a dangling participle. Fuckit, Ted can let whatever dangle wherever he wants, what the hell…


Irene Damage Jct Rte 14 and Rte 107

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A few miles south of these pics a good chunk of Rte 14 is gone and a few miles west on Rte 107 a section of road is just gone. I haven’t been to view the damage as they’ve been busy trying to get the roads filled in and opened up again. From where I took the railroad pic I could see a railroad crew working on fixxing the tracks. Just before their equipment there was quite a dip in the tracks and I could see behind what looked like the tracks tipping and probably gone just beyond my view.

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People who fucking disgust me…

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Let’s start off with the republicunt & foreign owners of MGM/their horrid “THIS!” TV “network” (broadcast subchannel for those of us still on rabbit-ears):

With the Deathiversary of 9/11′s first decade of war approaching, guess which movie that they played this afternoon?

G’wan, GUESS.

The 1976 version of “KING KONG,” a bestiality metaphor for the white man’s fear of black men stealin’ all the white wimmens. The main difference between the Fay Wray version and Jessica Lange’s version? Nope, not the sympathy for the violated (and bizarrely bipedal!) ape, nope. Instead of the Empire State Building, he climbs THE WORLD TRADE CENTER. Yeah, not morbid ENOUGH, of course.  Scenes of hundreds of cop cars/cherry lights flashing, fire trucks, National Guard trigger-happy rednecks… even that wasn’t enough. When Kong swats a huey (which had been slaughtering him with big-assed gatling-type-guns) away, OF COURSE it CRASHES INTO THE SIDE OF A WTC BUILDING WITH A HUGE-ASS BALL OF FLAME!!!!!!


Thanks, motherfuckers, we needed to see THAT shit.  REAL helpful.

Then there’s the grocery stores (I’m lookin’ at you, Winn-Dixie!!!), bodegas, guys with trunkloads of Chinese-made crap, etc., SELLING COMMEMORATIVE FUCKING T-SHIRTS IN ORDER TO PROFITEER OFF OF THOUSANDS OF AMERICAN CORPSES YET AGAIN. Yeah.  Nice priorities, fuckwads.

ALSO: I can’t remember which kind friend sent me this particular “book” (obviously vanity-press production and it did NOT get picked-up by an actual publisher, for blatant reasons…), as I have received multiple goody-boxes of wunnerful reading material from Dan & Tammy, Terrible, Maria, and other wunnerful people who escape my brain at this moment (including all prior carping about b/p & other health problems, I also have TWO abscessed teeth at ONE FUCKING TIME, so I’m running a helluva fever and getting stoopider with every day; the bleeding lungs from the oil/”marsh” fire ain’t helping), so I hope that they can forgive me for forgetting which dear friends that the were, but mostly I suck ’cause I can’t remember which one of y’all actually sent me this “book.”

Y’know how you sometimes get sucked-into buying a HORRIBLE pile of viscous pulp because of a great title/subtitle?  It’s happened to me at library book sales; buying shit ’cause its title/titles feature Irish puns, and it turns out to be a lame paen to the fucking Unholy Roman Cult.  Shit like that.  Some of Kinky Friedman’s books, as well.  Hey, they ain’t ALL genius.  Welp, such was the case with a book titled (and NO, the proper phrasing there would NOT be ENtitled,” for all of the illiterates on TV, radio & film who DON’T KNOW THE FUCKING DIFFERENCE!!!!!!), and I’d testify to this in any court:  Ya ready for it?  ‘Cause it will fool the fuck out of you.

NEKKID IN AUSTIN: Drop Your Inner Child Down A Well,” by the racist, sexist, knuckle-walking illiterate fucktarded redneck mouth-breather known as “Fred Reed,” who claims to be a “columnist”/”essayist.” Never heard of him before, certainly never seen a newspaper that carries his “column,” so methinks that these small-pecker-sociopath pieces of shit are never published outside of his mama’s basement.

And no, I will NOT search for ANY links related to or about this piece of hurricane-kit toilet paper, nor will I give a toe-sucking turd like Fred any FREE PRESS with linkage to his disgustingly sweaty, rotten-mushroom-smelling, flaccid and cyst-covered ass.

But if Y’ALL wanna go looking for it, feel free.  I’ve seen a lot of flat-out klan-wannabe mouth-breathers promulgate garbage like this inbred, fish-belly-white, ain’t-seen-pussy-since-he-fell-outta-one, goat-fucking throwback, and I’ve seen similar crimes against the very CONCEPT of “writing,” but usually they’re on hand-lettered neon-colored fliers being handed-around outside of a Wal-Mart or a parish/county fair, ’cause the proprietors won’t allow the dumbasses inside the gates.  And no, I’m not going to torture/further-illify myself by quoting this motherfucker. Scott & Sheri @ World O’Crap would be FAR better at skewering this dog-raping moron than I ever could, so when I can raise the postage, it is SO going to one of their houses! Yup.  Hey, it’s not like I’m siccing mor(m)on missionaries on ‘em!!!  Think of the fun that they’ll have with a twunt like this one!

And no, this part of the post isn’t intended to draw-out the well-meaning friend who inadvertently plagued me with this clusterfuck so that I could hunt them down with a reeeallly big baseball bat, I promise. I don’t have to know.  I just want to warn the reading public that portable-landfill like this EXISTS and to STEER CLEAR OF IT, no matter how clever the title may or may not be. Oh, and ’cause Fred fucking DISGUSTS ME DOWN TO MY FUCKING BONE MARROW. If I’d turned one more page and slogged through YET ANOTHER “justification” for his FLAT-OUT-FUCKING BIGOTRY against all people/things of African/Caribbean/non-WASP origin, my bleeding colon would have fucking EXPLODED. But Sheri & Scott have cast-iron stomachs, as they demonstrate every day @ Wo’C, so they can handle it. They won’t even get indigestion, as they have the guts of Marines, impervious to even the cruelest serrano (sp?) and/or cayenne peppers, as well as creepy-old-men-with-gun/phallus-obsessions.  So, when I can raise the dough, this pile of mental diarrhea will be en route to one of them!  You’re welcome, y’all!  (heh heh heh…  tenting fingers a’la Mister Burns…  “Exxxxxxcellllennttt…”)

In slogging-towards-conclusion, no, I still refuse to give a cent to COX Cable, the monstrosity that gave the world RAY GENOCIDAL-PUPPET COCKBITE NAGIN, so I will be missing Rachel Maddow’s “Ten Years Of War” special, just like I always miss her show.  Sad, but not nearly as big a crisis as the fact that there are NO FUCKING “DEMOCRATS” OF ANY INCARNATION EVEN ATTEMPTING TO RUN AGAINST PIYUSH “BOBBY BRADY WANNABE” JINDAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Election’s a bit over a year away, and Trust-Fund Boy is already running disgusting piles of OUTRIGHT FUCKING LIES on teh teevee, from his big fat campaign fund, which he’s spent the past 3 years flying around the world to fill, ON LOUISIANA’S PRIVATE PLANE, HELICOPTERS, AND STATE POLICE CRUISERS, ON OUR FUCKING DIME!!!!!!!

DAMMIT, Donna Brazile, WHERE IN THE FUCK ARE YOU?!??!?!? And you, yeah, YOU, CARVILLE!!! —when I nagged  you into “COMING HOME,” it wasn’t to sit on  your bony ass and TRAIN TRUST-FUND BABIES @ TULANE & LOYOLA HOW TO EXPLOIT THE POLITICAL SYSTEM FOR THEIR OWN GREED AND EGO!!!!!!!!

I lost faith in James a long fucking time ago, when he pitched a bitch-fit ’cause Gore was so silly about DISTANCING himself from eight years of at least superficial SUCCESS, and Carville did NOTHING to stop that judicial GANG-RAPE of the CONSTITUTION by the bought-and-paid-for “Supreme” Court.  But DAMMIT, JAMES, IF EVER THERE WAS A TIME THAT WE NEEDED YOUR EVIL-GENIUS ASS IN THERE, RIPPING JINDAL A NEW ASSHOLE, THIS IS IT!!!!!! Edwin’s outta jail, even though no so-called Democrat will ever PARDON his ass (MORONS!!!), so we can’t run HIM yet, so SOMEBODY had better GET ON THE FUCKING BALL AND FIND US A FUCKING CANDIDATE!!!!!! Donna’s the smartest political operative that I can think of right now who’d also be a HUMAN BEING (i.e., not you, James), so WHY IN THE FUCK ISN’T SHE HERE AND RUNNING?!?!?!?!?!

Lastly, yes, all of our thoughts & good wishes & love are with the survivors & families of the actual victims of 9/11, i.e., NOT THE REPUBLICUNTS WHO CAUSED IT, and we hope to hell that these women, men and children are able to get through the next week without feeling the need to open a vein. I was terrified that day for several reasons  —  I had friends in NYC & Lawn Guyland who could have been very close to the annihilation zone, as well as family-of-Teh-Boy (go back to the archives and read the ol’ rants from back in teh day, the rants I did ON-STAGE), whose last name is SHANK, as in SHANKSVILLE, PA.  And, of course, because Baton Redneck Republicunt Rouge, back in the Cold War days, was STRIKE TARGET #1, not D.C., not NYC, not even L.A.  — because there are more chemical plants, refineries & plastics plants in North Baton Rouge (AKA “ESSO CITY”) than in any other city on this continent, YES, INCLUDING HOUSTON; ergo, B.R. is basically the biggest dirty bomb on the entire fucking PLANET. New Orleans was #2, because of many of the same reasons, but also because it processes/directs/imports/transfers more international shipping traffic, INCLUDING CRUDE OIL FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD, than ANY other port on the continent, and yes, that’s including Long Beach, CA, the shipyards in NY, and SEA-TAC.

Teh Dick was actually working inside of one of the many Exxon plants on 9/11, and cell phones weren’t allowed inside the plant, so nobody could get ahold of him that psychos were flying planes into occupied/vital buildings like the WTC/Pentagon.  Thankfully, for once in their lives, the LA State Troopers GOT IT RIGHT and had every single plant/refinery/plastics factory on the entire length of Cancer Alley SHUT DOWN WITHIN THE HOUR. His ass was booted out and on his way home before teh Fallen Uterus could even BEGIN to have her “nervous breakdown” (of the day). Back then I was still stoopid enough to think that I had a  “sister” in PsychoCunt, who had JUST started her first week on-duty after finishing po-po academy (at the age of 37, she beat every 18-year-old male AND female in every physical trial, including the wind-sprints where she ripped a ligament out of her knee, as well as actually testing very well on the written exams, which was miraculous, considering her high school record) —  she had JUST gone to bed from her first 16-hour shift on duty, and I dragged her out and made her turn on the TV and suit-up, ’cause she would spend the next 8 weeks of her life guarding the TWO NUCLEAR PLANTS in West Redneckistan on 18-24-hour shifts.  Too bad that she married the biggest moron outside of the aforementioned Fred, or she’d still have that career.  Dunno how a deputy on the ground would stop AIRBORNE terrorists (yeah, like Cheney would do it the same way TWICE, right?), but there she sat.  Last time that I actually had any “respect” for the illiterate racist psycho-cunt.

I was lucky, no one that I knew and/or loved (far as I’ve been able to find out, much like after Katrina, I still haven’t located people who went missing from THAT) was murdered that day.  I know that not all of us were so fortunate, and our hearts go out to everyone who was hurt, killed, or lost someone that day, as they always have. Biggest crock of shit stunt/waste of THOUSANDS OF LIVES since Pearl Harbor, and that “investigation” was a bigger joke than Billy Carter or Dan Quayle.

CBS, btw, is still razor-sharp on the cutting edge of “journalism,” as per the usual: EIGHTEEN YEARS LATE, their “48 HOURS” show is doing a fucking bit on the RELEASE of the West Memphis Three, sometime in the coming season. Way to really GET IN THERE AND GET SHIT DONE, you fucking FOSSILS!!!!!! And, much as I adore Eddie Vedder & Johnny Depp, why do THEY get all of the celebrity “CREDIT” for having advocated for Jessie, Damien & Jason, when they were both VERY LATE TO THE FUCKING PARTY, esp. compared to the Little Angry Man, Rollins? I know, it shouldn’t matter, all that matters is that Damien’s off of Death Row and Jessie & Jason are free  —  but dammit, where were Johnny & Eddie BACK IN 1998 AND 2003??!  That’s when I found out about the WM3, at one of Rollins’ spoken-word dates @ HOB.  It’s also where I found the book, Devil’s Knot.” Anyway, fuck CBS if they fuck this shit up, ‘cause I do NOT need another reason to have to kill people.  Trust me, the way that I’m feeling, I’d fucking ENJOY IT.

Okay, y’all’s turns… I had one other thing to bitch about, but it’s fled my head like most of my brain cells, so if anybody else needs to bitch, feel free to add to this post or fill-up the comments.  I’m just damned grateful to know so many good people, who still love me, despite the fact that I haven’t “entertained” anybody online or off in so fucking long.  Everything else in my life sucks gangrenous donkey dicks, so I gotta brag on the good parts  — my friends.


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Not just the Katrinaversary, either…

Who in the FUCK needs or WANTS to know that Beyonce’ has a fucking PARASITIC CRITTER ATTACHED TO HER SWOLLEN UTERUS?!!?!?

Yes, I know, some of y’all are breeders and happy with it, and I’m happy for you, but seriouslysince when did BREEDING, something that slugs, stray dogs, feral cats, microbes and paramecium have done with NO fanfare whatsofuckingever for MILLENIA  — become a fucking ACCOMPLISHMENT?!?!?!!? And why in the FUCK did she have to whip out her “baby bump,” a term that turns my stomach, in the middle of a fucking “awards” show?!?!!?  The bitch is THAT desperate for attention/publicity?  Yes, I know that this is WHY most celebutards get knocked-up, duh, but DAYUMN, y’all.  And teh celebutards “wonder” why their kids grow up to HATE THEM. Almost the exact same reason that my alleged “father” could never stand me, really…  he had rare moments of acting like he ALMOST liked me, very rare gestures indeed, but he still counted every penny of food that ever went into my mouth, ’cause why should HE pay to feed “SOMEBODY ELSE’S” kid?  Unfortunately, I’ve inherited too many of his genetic flaws to have another parent out there somewhere, even though the cremation pretty much sent my dream of DNA testing went up in smoke…  literally…

…Kinda like the giant swamp fire that’s raging unabated (for the past two days & nights!!!) in A FEDERAL WILDLIFE REFUGE out past New Orleans East, almost to Chalmatian-land (google it, it’s not even being TOUCHED in terms of STOPPING THE WASTE OF MILLIONS OF BIRDS, ANIMALS, FISH, TREES, BUGS, YOU FUCKING NAME IT!!!) —  smells to me (’cause I can actually see and smell it from here, and it ain’t purdy, pictures to come later) like yet another state-aided COVER-UP/DESTRUCTION OF EVIDENCE ON BEHALF OF BRITISH PETROLEUM. Who wants to bet me? Never argue with Annti’s gut, ’cause as we all know, IT’S NEVER WRONG. It’s bleeding copiously and refusing to function right now, as my blood pressure fluctuations are trying to embarrass me in public, but my gut IS NEVER WRONG. Those smells don’t just come from burning TREES or even ANIMALS.

The geriatric drunks/junkies (24/7/365) next door (other half of the duplex FROM HELL) are outside, loud, throwing unknown types of shit (I don’t go out there for that shit, they ain’t worth it), hollering like clap-degenerated brainless critters, “celebrating” Katrinaversary, like THAT’S a reason to party. And people think that X and meth eat-away brain cells…  good ol’ malt liquor & prescription pills will STILL get the job done! At least it’s almost over, the date, that is. THEM, is another problem.

I hate this day.  Fucking HATE.

All that this date reminds me of is that I didn’t get off of my ass soon enough to get down here to find Barry Cowsill (or anyone else I’d ever known here) and get his ass OUT. *SO* many parts to that story, reasons that some people should be drowned for basically ensuring HIS death, but since THEY can afford lawyers and I can’t, that’s all that I can say about it right now.  Like 99.9% of the 1,600+ people who were murdered along with Barry (ya gotta figure that at least ONE rapist, murderer and/or republicunt politician hadda get caught in the backflow, right; hopefully, it was the ex who tried to beat me to death in ’99), BARRY COWSILL SHOULD NOT BE DEAD. HIS DEATH, LIKE THE OTHER HUNDREDS, INCLUDING THOSE WHO STILL HAVEN’T ALL BEEN FOUND OR BURIED, WAS TOTALLY PREVENTABLE. Except in Barry’s case, it’s not JUST because of Cheney, the Shaw Group, Rove & Poppy Bush, et al.

Yeah, I fucked-up my ONE *GOOD* spine surgery doing what I could for the people who got out and kept getting pushed north, ’cause none of these LA crackers wanted us “New Orleans thugs, gangsters, rapists, drug-dealers,” etc. stopping in THEIR picturesque little self-deluded one-horse towns of inbred fucktards.  THAT hardware/surgery break was, at least, WORTH IT. Gustav, not so fucking much.  But no matter how much pain that I have inflicted upon myself, none of it will bring Barry or anybody else back from the fucking dead.

And that, mah chirrens, is what Katrinaversary means to me.
It’s also the 5th blogiversary of Mark Of The Beast, which holds variable degrees/amounts of meaning to all fourteen of the regular readers who keep us going and keep me outta prison.  Remembering how & why M.O.B.’s creation was necessitated is also not a fond memory, hence no point in dragging it outta the mothballs.  But don’t ever fuck with me or criticize me for “never letting things GO” or for “living in the PAST,” or other similarly-heartless-asshole comments, BECAUSE  THIS  SHIT AIN’T FUCKING ***OVER***, and won’t be until there is SOMETHING RESEMBLING ***”JUSTICE”*** RENDERED UPON THE RAPISTS, MURDERERS & LYING REPUBLICUNT SCUM TO BLAME.

MEANWHILE, BACK AT THE RANCH: Also make sure to read Terrible’s East-Coast/New England  updates (in the comments below this post) post-Irene, ’cause it don’t get more real or “man in the street” local reporting than Terrible’s.

Now that the hurricane’s on the other foot…

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…bad analogy/allusion/metaphor/euphemism/what-the-fuck-ever, I know, but even though SOME of my East Coast friends, Yankees and Southerners alike, are TOO FUCKING STUBBORN TO GET PLYWOOD TO STOP HURTLING-AT-50-MPH *STOP* SIGNS FROM CRASHING THROUGH THEIR BEDROOM WINDOWS, let alone to do something as logical as *EVACUATE* for a hurricane that is approaching Katrina size, depending on how long she spends on I-95 — to the others, I must entreat in the world’s longest run-on sentence:  GITCHER PEOPLES, GITCHER CRITTERS, GITCHER SHIT, AND GIT THA FUCK ***OUTTA*** THERE!!!!!! Please.

She may sputter-out before Baltimore, she may go back out into the way-too-warm-to-be-the-Atlantic water and refuel, I dunno. If you’ve gotcher own inflatable mattress, y’all are more than welcome to come crash here in the hood with me. Nobody ELSE ever comes to visit unless it’s their JOB, so there’s floor space. Just no cat phobics/haters or allergies, ’cause no, I do ***NOT*** lock them into the bathroom or bedroom for ANYFUCKINGBODY, I don’t care ***HOW*** illogical, venal or feral your illogical fear may be. Sorry, still pissed about something else. But the cats don’t move. Unless they’re nagging me for something, of course.
But seriously, y’all — PLEASE GET THE FUCK OUT. The lights’ll prolly be out, so it won’t count as a missed work day, and if they dock your hours, kick their fucking ass. C’mon down and we’ll make some stone soup, dammit.

P.S.: Even though certain self-centered rednecks down here don’t give a fuck, nobody actually “dodged a bullet” with Irene, and there’s no telling what’ll become of Jose’, given enough time and a far-too-warm Atlantic, so keep yer keys & clean drawers handy!

Good news and the usual…

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Redcane is alive and hopefully well!!!! Didn’t get much info, just one short dispatch, as he’s undoubtedly fucking WIPED after the surgery, but thus far, our far-too-silent friend is STILL KICKING, so somebody’s good thoughts must’ve kicked-in somewhere, along with his own stockpile of fabulous karma chips, of course.

Annnnnd, the usual:  I have fifty cents, a pack and a half of cigarettes, and a week to go until payday. My gas tank is on fumes, I have P/T 3X a week and the gynecologist tomorrow, and I may not make it.  How in the fuck My President can justify CONTINUING TO PAY THAT BLACKMAIL MONEY TO THOSE MOTHERFUCKING “FAITH-BASED INITIATIVES” CON JOBS, *WHILST* ROBBING ME AND ALL MY FELLOW “federal employees” OF OUR BIG HONKIN’ TWELVE-BUCK-A-MONTH “COST-OF-LIVING” RAISES FOR THE PAST 2.5 YEARS, I will NEVER fucking understand. John “Slut-Boy Whilst My Wife Is Dying” Edwards was the last candidate who ever MENTIONED poverty in this country, and Our President ain’t mentioned it ONCE, but he let the republicunts & democrat whores & dixiecrats KEEP THE FUCKING TAX CUTS FOR THAT RICHEST 1% WHO’VE NEVER PAID *THEIR* FAIR SHARE IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF THIS COUNTRY. And I saw a commercial yesterday that had to have been written by Palin’s psycho-cunt P.R. department, a fucking CREDIT UNION talking about “working and saving what YOU earned, rather than giving it to THOSE WHO JUST WANT EVERYTHING WITHOUT WORKING FOR IT —  these fucking class/race bigots stereotype people because it allows them to be NAZIS, to think that they are RIGHT for HATING PEOPLE WHO WEREN’T BORN RICH LIKE THEM.

Long story of why, but there was a blonde bitch in my hellhole apartment today, which apparently, they’re not going to “ALLOW” me to EVER FUCKING MOVE OUT OF (try to show up for my memorial bbq/ashes-dumping orgy down on the Moonwalk, ’cause if I can’t get outta Desire, I’m definitely going to blow my fucking brains out), who was a motherfucking BIRCHER if I ever fucking saw one, criticizing ME for being on disability and giving me that “PULL YOURSELF UP BY YOUR BOOTSTRAPS” BULLSHIT that SORORITY COKE WHORES USE ON STREET BEGGARS.

I always said that I wasn’t going to let the motherfuckers get me, that I would not be a Handmaid, that these ignorant asshole motherfuckers weren’t going to kill me, but it may be too fucking late, and I ain’t making no drama-queen attention-whore “panic attack” bullshit statement, I’m talking about the severely fucked-up shit that’s been going on with my blood pressure & my heart since I “got home.” These motherfuckers ARE going to kill me, and I won’t even get to go out in a big fucking nuclear-sized ball of flame, either.  Not with a bang, but with a whimper.  Fuck me sideways with a rusty fucking chainsaw.

But if anybody wants to keep me from killing a buncha stoopid motherfuckers when the nicotine jones hits, or if they’d like to help me buy cat litter or cat food or put gas in my truck or anything else, I’d appreciate the hell out of it.  No, there’s no POINT in helping me, nothing’s ever going to get any better, and I’m sure as hell not going to save any lives or change the fucking world, what-the-fuck-so-ever.  Just panhandling to survive, if you can call it that, another fucking day, at least until I know that my dear Redcane is going to be okay.  I know, sappy sentimental bullshit, and that y’all don’t know him like I do, but to me, he’s a big deal. He’s my friend. And y’all all already know how much my friends mean to me, even if they hate my guts for my pan-handling.  Y’all are all I got. No neighbors, no local friends (unless I  have the $$ to drive to the Dungeon, har har), no family.  And the ones that I wasted 26 years of my life and every available cent upon, they have weddings without me and stand behind LIARS, RAPISTS, FELONS & THIEVES, because it’s in THEIR “best interest.”  The great-nieces & great-nephews are growing up without me, 2 of ‘em have no idea who the fuck I am or that I exist, and even though Jada is within spitting distance, I haven’t seen her sister or her since the last gathering @ the Fallen Uterus’s (now the property of her MASSAH, of course) joint.

I know, I’m repulsive. One of my best friends just had major fucking cancer surgery, I have no idea of the prognosis or what the plan of attack is going to be, and he might drop off the planet on me like Al Hill did, not that it was AL’S fault, obviously  — and all I can say is what a fucktarded clusterfucked dead-end that MY life has turned-out to be…  driving from yet ANOTHER pawnshop who won’t buy silver jewelry (sue the fuck outta ME for being ALLERGIC TO YELLOW GOLD, BITCHES!!!), I get to see a HUMONGOUS fucking football movie of some sort being filmed IN GENTILLY, more catering, tech, and service trucks for this shoot than from when they did Sean Penn’s attempt at Willie Stark.

I SHOULD BE FUCKING IN THERE, DAMMIT, WORKING MY FAT ASS OFF AND MAKING A FUCKING LIVING, but then, I didn’t suck the right dicks in college, so I never even got a fucking INTERNSHIP, except for the one that I created for myself at that long-gone RADIO station. Yeah, thanks, UNO.  Thanks for wasting my &  my Nannie’s money, so that a buncha little punk-ass FETUSES could have a FULLY DIGITIZED SOUNDSTAGE, EDITING BAYS, LOOPING/FOLEY FACILITIES AT THEIR FINGERTIPS, while I am about TWENTY-FIVE YEARS BEHIND ON THE FUCKING “TECHNOLOGY,” ’cause we hadda use SUPER-8 and edit on HAND-CRANKED P.O.S. MACHINES THAT CAME FROM THE ARMY-NAVY SURPLUS, and we hadda buy our own razor blades and SCOTCH TAPE for splicing, ’cause the school couldn’t even provide us THAT.  Bitches owe me a do-over.  A degree that’s actually WORTH something.

And that Bircher cunt, basically calling me a lazy fucking WELFARE QUEEN, SITTING ON MY FURNITURE, IN “MY” MOTHERFUCKING APARTMENT, condescending to me that I *COULD* do SOOOO much better if I WANTED to —  what I wouldn’t give to shove HER degree from NICHOLLS STATE (“Redneck Sugar-Cane Hicks R Us!”) right up her self-righteous, utterly deluded fucking ASS. At least MY degree, no matter how hard Piyush Jindal tries, is fucking REAL.  Useless as tits on a boar hog, but by fuck, I fucking EARNED IT.

HOT DAMN!!!!!!

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Yes, August in the South is hot enough to melt Satan’s scrotum, but that’s not what I’m talking about.  I shoulda heard about this before now, DUH, but mebbe our old “Free The West Memphis 3″ button did not go ignored by the universe.  MOST IMPORTANTLY, HOT FUCKING DAMN, THEY ARE FREE MEN!!!!!!

About motherfucking TIME!!!!!! I wanna see civil and criminal cases filed against the lazy class-warfare-bigot PIGS who framed those boys in the first fucking place (sound familiar? ” If yer whaaaat and not a YUPPIE-SCUM-WANNABE REPUBLICUNT/BIBUL-BANGING FUCKTARD in the south, YEW AIN’T GOT NO RIIIIAAAAAGHTS, YOU FILTHY FUCKIN’ HIPPY MOTHERFUCKER!”  {We already know what happens to “DWB” alleged “suspects,” don’t we…}  Hence my bumpersticker-incited moving-violation ticket in CRACKERY ZACHARY, LA!!!!!!  Same second-string, never-made-varsity also-ran, rage-filled red-faced woman-hating neo-nazi mentality as what pulled me over for BEING A SINGLE NON-BREEDING LIBRUL, that’s how Jessie, Jason & Damien got flat-out fucking FRAMED for the murders of 3 little boys who lived on the other side of the tracks from the WM3.)!!!!!!

The Danziger verdicts were mostly about civil rights being violated (yeah, hi, have you met N.O.P.D.?), not saying THE TRUTH that it was OUTRIGHT RACIST/COP-HATING-THE-PO-FOLKS BULLSHIT FUCKING ***MURDER***, and the coverup by the lazy fat white cops of West Memphis, Arkansas is almost as bad.  I say, “almost as bad,” because THOSE murderous/crooked/destroying-forensic-evidence pieces of SHIT Arkies didn’t have the savvy/mafia training/thoroughness of the N.O.P.D.’s long-cheered/comrades-backed MURDERERS, because they (the Arkies) didn’t think to cover THEIR asses NEARLY WELL ENOUGH to make it an “open-and-shut case,” like they claimed at the time.

If I had the dough, I’d be throwing a WM3/Danziger PARTY, and also if the Danziger cops had been sent to Angola State Penn IN THE GENERAL POPULATION, where even the world’s most-corrupt warden couldn’t protect their asses (the civil rights charges are federal, but the MURDERS were STATE jurisdiction, which is why the motherfuckers SKATED on THOSE fucking charges!!!)If the Danziger scum had been convicted of capital murder, THEY COULD SHARE DEATH ROW WITH DERRICK TODD LEE.

Slightly less-jubilant factor: seeing the father of one of the murdered boys, all little 8-year-old Cub Scouts who were tortured to death, speaking out on TV in support of the WM3, because he knew, as some of the other families did, THAT IT WAS A FUCKING ***SHAM*** EXCUSE FOR A “TRIAL” IN THE FIRST FUCKING PLACE. (The Sunday version of the “TODAY” show spent all of FORTY-FIVE SECONDS on the WM3 release, but FIVE MINUTES OF BILLABLE AIRTIME ON FOUR RICH FRAT-BOY MOTHERFUCKERS WHO DROVE ALL OVER THE COUNTRY TO SEE FUCKING ***BASEBALL*** PARKS!!!!!! They could’ve spent that money HELPING SOMEBODY BESIDES POTENTIAL BASEBALL DRAFTEES, but no.  THAT, m’loves, is what counts as NEWS on NBC/Universal/G.E./ComCast!!!)

There was no real investigation, witnesses who refuted the cops’ version FLAT OUT were SILENCED, even though a VERY LIKELY SUSPECT WAS SEEN CLEANING BLOOD OFF OF HIMSELF, LEAVING SPATTERS ALL OVER A BURGER KING BATHROOM, which on “CSI” would be a forensic bonanza, was VIEWED ONCE by ONE fat lazy Arkie pig, and then PATENTLY IGNORED/DENIED AS A PART OF THE CRIME SCENE. Cleaned-up and ignored, and that creepy-as-fuck motherfucker walked out of West Memphis, Arkansas a free man, because three stoner/loner/outsider teenagers were known by and DESPISED BY the pigs in control of that so-called “investigation.”  Jessie Misskelly, Jason Baldwin, and Damien Echols were easy targets, had no real family support, no money, weren’t jocks or “popular,” and were perfectly “profiled” by said piglets.

But ever since 1993, a whoooole lotta people, all over this world, NEVER BOUGHT THAT BULLSHIT. Free The West Memphis Three was around before most people had seen or owned a PC or a Mac.  There were Black Flag semi-reunion tours for the WM3 legal defense fund (yup, I was there, in a little redneck-mutha town in Florida; dunno if Rollins was in the courtroom Friday  — a Dixie Chick & Eddie Vedder were noted in the articles  —   BUT, it was Henry Rollins who first introduced me and a whole helluva lot of other people to this travesty, even if I’m no longer a fan of his), there was a fantastic documentary about the entire clusterfuck from day one, including interviews with the three young men, watching their lives be stolen away, day by torturous fucking day.  PEOPLE FUCKING CARED ABOUT THESE BOYS *AND* THE THREE MURDERED LITTLE BOYS WHO WERE ***FORGOTTEN*** IN THE HICK-ASS-TOWN MEDIA CIRCUS that passed for a “trial.”

I don’t know if the families of the little boys murdered will EVER see anything resembling “justice” for their children, as so few do in this country (unless, of course, they’re rich, blonde, white, and also a wealthy Mormon, unlike a little girl who was gang-raped, beaten and set afire in Cabrini Green). All I can do is hope that a REAL investigation will be conducted by the 3 or 4 LEGIT cops around this country, and that the TRUE murderer will rot on Death Row for decades before they find a way to make him hurt like those eight-year-old babies did, ’til he’s dead as a fucking carp.

James Michael Moore, Steven Branch, and Christopher Byers will never get to grow up, become hell-raising teenagers, have careers or lives or joy, or speak the truth about what happened to them in those woods.  When a child is murdered, it’s not just the agony, the terror, the cruelty that are so wrong, it’s the theft of a future, of everything that this child could have done, accomplished, and become is stolen and can never be regained. Yeah, the world is overpopulated, but that ain’t how ya reverse overbreeding.  Tater will never get to vote, to have kids of his own, to go back to trade school and make something out of himself, and neither will James Michael, Steven and Christopher.  Their families were robbed, just like Jessie, Jason and Damien were robbed of their lives for so fucking long.

I know that I bitch a lot about our immoral “justice system,” which, of course, is the “JUST US system, as only the rich, connected and/or powerful “deserve” for their cases to be properly investigated and prosecuted, while the poor and disenfranchised are AUTOMATICALLY ASSUMED TO BE “WRONG,” no matter WHAT horrible crime has been perpetrated *AGAINST* US. Doubt me? Take a road trip with me to West Memphis, AK or Livingston, LA, annnnyyyy fuckin’ day, chirren, any day. That’s how you find out exactly how much YOUR life is worth, because half-literate pigs get to decide (not a prosecutor, not an actual detective, and CERTAINLY NOT ANY “VICTIMS’ ADVOCATES” that DON’T FUCKING EXIST IN THE STICKS!!!) that YOUR life ain’t even worth PAPERWORK, let alone ACTUAL WORK on their parts.

Righteous bitching aside, I truly do hope that the real murderer of those little Cub Scouts is found, convicted, and tortured to death, but I ain’t holding my fucking breath for it to come to pass, believe you me. If they’d been little blonde-haired Mor(m)on girls who were pimped-out for beauty pageants, then MAYBE their murders would’ve been important enough to rate a REAL investigation.  If they were rich kids “backpacking” into Iran, then it would’ve been an international civil rights debate.  If they were child stars who overdosed on drugs, turned to crime, or were sexually abused and/or robbed of their earnings, THEN maybe James Michael’s, Steve’s and Chris’ deaths would have been properly and THOROUGHLY investigated and prosecuted, instead of half-assed fuck-overs, which is what they got. Like my nephew’s murder, like that little girl in Cabrini Green who was all BUT murdered on the same day that Jen-Benet “disappeared,” these little boys didn’t rate “justice” from the “JUST US” system. And even with all of the technology that the rich parts of Arkansas’ police can afford, I doubt that the few & far-between pieces of “evidence” will get the CSI treatment.  Like the hundreds of thousands of rape kits that are never processed every fucking year, these children’s lives and the remaining shards of them will waste away in a warehouse.  Welcome to America.

Lastly, I know that I also repetitively preach about the pigs who covered-up Tater’s murder, but the thing that really grabbed me in the gut about the WM3 clusterfuck was the fact that it could’ve happened to him, just as easily. This was back when he was ALIVE, of course, when I was wasting time & money trying to find a gig in Miami, when I should have been getting that boy away from his “family” who put him in the fucking street AND away from the drug-dealing white trash who murdered him. He could have been one of those little murdered Cub Scouts, with the neglect and abuse that he suffered at the hands of them what spawned him, and he could just as easily have been Jessie, Jason or Damien, profiled as “white trash”/”devil-worshiper” (HA!)/”druggie scum” by the pigs who harassed that boy every fucking chance they got, after a bigoted-hypocrite, sexist-pig SWINE excuse for a junior-high “principal” DESTROYED Tater’s love for learning, writing, school and enlightenment. He would never have dropped out of school if he’d had parents, if he’d been allowed to BE HIMSELF (a 4.2 average before the bullying began, fuck you very much mister “principal”), and if he hadn’t been ABANDONED by his “parents” AND his “grandparents” because he was so “INCONVENIENT.” I should have saved that boy, and all I could think about was getting my own life back.  No, he didn’t want to leave Louisiana, not yet, but dammit, I should’ve kept a roof over his head and him away from the treasonous scum (including the “sister” who was and still is fucking the drug dealer who pulled the trigger) who killed him.

Sorry, didn’t mean to go down Narcissism Lane, but the West Memphis Three aren’t teenagers anymore.  They’ve been through 18 years of pure hell, but they came out the other side, and now, as men, they can finally start to have lives.  But look at what was done to Tater, BY THE SO-CALLED “LAW,” look at what was done to the WM3, *AND* look at what was NEVER DONE for three little eight-year-old boys. There, but for pure dumb luck, go I, and you, and you, too. This shit can happen to any of us, anywhere in this country, and no, even the Baby Boomers aren’t exempt.   Be happy for the WM3, be relieved that they are still young enough to almost “start over,” but ALWAYS be watchful and aware as to what could become of YOU if the cops don’t give a fuck, which, with two or three very rare exceptions (the few GOOD cops that I’ve personally known), THEY DON’T.  I’ve said it for a long time, but it’s still true, that a woman’s life in Louisiana, in most of America, is only worth whom she’s fucking, how many spawn she’s bred, or if her daddy has money/power, but really, if you’re poor enough, if you’re an “outsider,” it could happen to any boy or man in this country, too.  Watch yer backs.

Okaaayyyy, soooooooo…

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Who do I have to blow, fuck or kill to get somebody TO READ THIS FUCKING BLOG anymore? Would an online suicide get us a few readers, even a few of our pre-censorship lurkers?

‘Cause trust me, I’m in the mood for a viking funeral, and I’ve got a list of evil motherfuckers who’ll be casting-off into Lake Pontchartrain WITH ME…

Is it a domino-effect thing? One person that I took a chance on again, someone I adored & trusted tells me to fuck-off and die, and then everybody else disappears?  Is this how this shit plays-out, EVERY FUCKING TIME? ‘Cause if that’s my terminal sentence, fuck this shit.

I quit Facebook because it was taking-up too much of my life, but there’s an assload of almost total strangers over THERE who seem to, for whatever their reasons/masochisms may be, actually MISS ME and WANT ME BACK THERE.

Maybe he was right, maybe nobody comes to “my” little useless two-bit blog because *I* am “teh EEEEEVILLL one,” it’s ALLLL ***MY*** fault. At this point, I no longer give a fuck.

I just want to go to bed for good, rather than watching so many friendships rot & decay, atrophy and disappear, without so much as the courtesy to say goodbye.


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Bad enough that last month I missed our BiblioHo, Tammy-Tam-Tam’s birfday, but THIS MONTH, I completely clusterfucked MENTIS FUGIT’S BIRFDAY!!!!!! I won’t mention a number, that’s up to him, but I thought that his birfday was on the FIFTEENTH, as in TOMORROW, but it was actually THE TWELFTH!!!!!! I R FUCKTARDED. And now he & Frau Mentis are off on their 25th anniversary holiday, and no telling WHEN he’ll see this and realize that I didn’t fuck-up his birfday post ON PURPOSE.  I’m just STOOPID.

Happy happy joy joy happy happy joy joy and all that rot, honey, here’s hoping that you & the loverly Frau are enjoying the hell out of Australia and that when you DO see this, you’ll be glad to see it, rather than pissed that I fucked it up.  Give Frau Mentis all of our love, and congrats on the 25th anniversary!  And, y’know, getting into geezerhood yerself personally… heh heh heh…

And before I fuck HERS up, I hafta mention our beloved Mags, aka Sitara, who is almost a month older than TEH FALLEN UTERUS, come HER birfday on the 31st!!!!!! Can’t help it, I hadda whip that one out on her ONE of these days, the heifer still owes me a vibrating rubber ducky! But we loves you, Mags, and wish you all of the bestest things on earth, like YOUR OWN PBS COOKING SHOW, as I’ve been saying for many a fuckin’ moon…

Butchy’all know what IS the big-skeery-important event on the 15th (not “ON TOMORROW,” as way too many lingual idiots are saying nowadays!!!)?!?!?! Our nearly, dearly-beloved REDCANE is going under the knife tomorrow, Cali time, so BE THINKING GOOD THOUGHTS FOR HIM ALLLLLL DAMNED WEEK LONG!!!!!! Even if y’all don’t know Redcane like I do, please share yer love with him nonetheless, as y’all have bottomless wealths of love that you’ve always shared with me. (and yes, I realize the grammatical clusterfuck there, but just go with it, it works for me!)

Welp, that’s all the excitement for tonight.  I actually paid most of my bills this month, so I will, once again, be WAY the fuck FAR BEHIND on delivering ANYBODY’S birfday prezzies, as has become the usual.  I haven’t delivered a birfday prezzie since FEBRUARY, as it’s FIVE TIMES MORE EXPENSIVE TO DO EVERYFUCKINGTHING IN NEW ORLEANS.  Rent, utilities, gasoline, phone bills, and the cunts @ Entergy STILL think that I’m gonna pay for some THIEVING DOUCHEBAG IN CRACKERY ZACHARY TO KEEP USING MY ACCOUNT NUMBER TO GET FREE ELECTRICITY!!!!!!! They can suck my euphemistic cock and suck a fart outta my ass at the same time. And don’t get me started on what passes for a “food bank” box around here…  I gotta move to a better neighborhood, even if it’s on Claiborne Avenue.  Hey, THOSE projects have a fuckin’ POOL!!!  And maybe the Food Stamp office will actually RECEIVE MY MAIL if I send it from there, as opposed to Back Bumfuck, where I am now. Anyway, the pool:  my dear darling physical therapy douchebag has TAKEN AWAY FROM ME for making some fucking PROGRESS. Yeah, that makes sense.

Anyway, much as I hate myself on a regular basis, I must once ago subject y’all all to my ugliest display of loserness possible, in rattling the collection plate like a fucking faith healer, and I don’t even give anybody the adrenaline rush & endorphin O.D. that they get from a charismatic pseudo-jeebus frenzy.

Or as my once-again-disowned-me-former-friend expressed recently, here I go, abusing my joke of a pathetic little two-bit blog where I’ve accomplish NOTHING since Hurricane Gustav and haven’t written a decent word since they put me back onto the fucking narcotics.

But if ANYBODY has five or ten bucks that they wouldn’t mind sharing, that they can AFFORD to share, I’d be most grateful, as I’m down to the seven bucks in my wallet.  Thanks, y’all. And most of all, thanks to my faithful few who still ARE around, ’cause y’all are the best. The ones who’ve bailed?  Fuck ‘em. I can’t hang with a buncha pussies anyway.

(BTW, the picture isn’t OF or ABOUT Mentis, it’s one of the best get-well prezzies I’ve ever gotten, FROM Mentis…)

Not that it matters, but…

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In case anybody was wondering why I wasn’t dancing nekkid in the streets on Friday, it’s cause it ain’t OVER. Nowhere near the sentencing phase of the federal trial, and there’s still two fuckers to be tried in state courts, as if they’ll get any more punishment from those rigged motherfuckers than the first five did.  L.A.P.D. may be the biggest, most-dangerous gang in the country, with NYPD a close second, but when it comes to disappearing motherfuckers and letting murderers with money get away with EVERYTHING  — nobody beats the N.O.P.D. The crackers in the suburbs and on the Nawth Shaw are heavily invested in keeping the NOPD as crooked & corrupt as they’ve ever been, and no woman’s life is worth a fucking dime unless she lives in the “right” neighborhood and is married to/owned-by/breeding with the right sugar daddy.  Call the Fifth District on 911 @ 12A, and the fuckers don’t show up until SEVEN HOURS LATER.

At least on the NEXT TWO trials, that republicunt Uncle Tom Eddie Jordan won’t have anything to do with the (har-dee-fuckin’-har-har) “prosecution,” so maybe something will actually GET DONE. Fuck, a bitch can DREAM, right?

When these motherfuckers, ALL OF THEM, are all behind SERIOUS fucking federal prison bars, NOT CLUB FED like Oakdale, THEN y’all will see me dancing nekkid in the fucking streets. In the mean time, I’m conserving my enthusiasm & my first, second & third strikes.  The ring-leader scumbag who orchestrated the entire fucking Danziger cover-up IS OUT ON FUCKING BAIL, like he’s not a fucking FLIGHT RISK or anything… Genius.  And I don’t care how many head swine resign/retire early, THEIR ASSES NEED TO BE IN THE DAMNED DOCK, TOO!!!!!!  Yup, Marlon, I’m talking to YOUR precious fat little ass, and I’m lookin’ at Ronal Serpas, TOO.  They were ALL in on it, don’t kid yourself.  NO motherfucker should be exempt from investigation just because he fucking QUIT THE JOB BEFORE BEING SUBPOENAED TO TESTIFY.  Just because none of the 5 who GOT OFF SCOT-FUCKING-FREE in STATE “court” were actually convicted of “MURDER,” doesn’t mean that it was anything BUT. Flat-out racist-pig fucking genocide, just like Cheney-Corps and the mysterious drifting-free barge…

And before anybody gets confused, seeing as how two of the pigs convicted were “African-American”/”Creole,” or “Haitian-American” (pick one, it’s a crapshoot), doesn’t mean that black NOPD don’t hate black citizens as much as the cracker cops do.  I’ve known a couple of NOPD here and there, and only one of ‘em was HONEST.  His slut of a brother was only honest about how black cops hate black locals AND tourists as much or more than the white ones do, be they Italian, Polish, Irish, old-line Spanish-French Creole or whatever descent.  So yeah, a black cop is just as likely to shoot a black man (whether he’s unarmed & mentally-disadvantaged or not doesn’t even matter) IN THE FUCKING BACK as he is to shoot a WHITE MAN in the back. Actually, NOPD are much MORE likely to shoot a black guy in the back, especially if they don’t know anything about that person or the situation when they roll-up on said “suspects.”

D.O.J. can investigate their asses off, but unless they drop several tons of napalm on the corner of Broad & Tulane, as well as on every district cop shop, ain’t nothin’ gonna change.  They’ve been down here at least three times in my lifespan, that I can remember, and NOTHING CHANGES.  They don’t even dislodge the crookedest motherfuckers, they just REASSIGN THEM.  And they NEVER actually CONVICT ANY of them, nor do they lose their pensions!!!  If we should (fates forbid!) undergo a regime change next year, then you can kiss any “findings” of the DOJ query goodbye, they’ll get flushed down the toilet just like they did under Ford’s, Reagan’s and Clinton’s administrations, if my memory serves correctly.  The Gambino clan may have winnowed down to a fraction of the powerhouse that it used to be while Carlos Marcela was running shit, but the REAL mafia here will NEVER die, and they haven’t learned a FUCKING THING since the FARCE of a “trial” at the state level, where the aforementioned pigs were cheered-on by hundreds of their racist compatriots.  Don’t look for too much to come of the other 2 state trials, or from the sentencing phase, considering how many federal judges were douched-out to make place for Bush cronies back in that not-too-long-ago day.

Not trying to rain on anybody’s parade or anything, BUT THIS SHIT AIN’T OVER!!!!!! And it won’t be for some time. Fuck, look at how long it took, practically SIX YEARS, to get a fucking CONVICTION on Danziger, a loverly sight that I can spit upon from my bedroom window.  I must’ve done something really wrong when I was here for the first 12 years, ’cause I’m sure as fuck paying for it on THIS go-round.  Personally, I was kind of hoping for an excuse to set fire to some of those Garden District homes where they were CHEERING FOR THE PIGS, but oh well, not this time.  There will always be another opportunity.  ‘Cause the swine that they will always hire will never change.